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Due to my excessive gluttony and sedentary lifestyle - coupled with a boyfriend whose favourite dish is stir-fry pasta - I have ballooned to my heaviest weight ever: 88.8kg/13 st 9.

Need to do something about that methinks.
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... in October! Who says I can't?

I've been trying to motivate myself into picking up running again, which has gone about as well as can be expected when one considers that I live in 3 houses over the course of an average week and I'm working the first half-term of my new teaching job.

But I digress.

From Monday, I'm finally going to get my butt into gear and start running. It's silly thinking of it as a chore, when the actual running side of it I really enjoy (even when it's cold - less so when there's rain). Besides, I would like to get fit so in the new year I can start CaniX training with one/some of sister's dogs. I think that'll be a great laugh.

Plus, I'll have more energy again. And maybe my pants won't be as tight, LOL.

Appropriate icon is appropriate. Happy splashy dog!
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I am procrastinating on a whole bunch of stuff so: first post of the New Year! Here are some things:

1) I lost my voice over Christmas due to a cold, from Dec 22nd to Dec 28th.
2) Now I have another virus of some kind: swollen glands and general malaise. I feel like crap.
3) There are two essays that I need to start reading and planning for, but oh my God how much do I not have the energy right now?
4) How come, when writing, that the words flow right up until about 21k? And then it's like OMG U CAN NO RITE. I have to finish [livejournal.com profile] shei's fic and I'm filling something on the [livejournal.com profile] glee_kink_meme but just uuuuuugh.
5) When I don't feel like mildly tempered death, I will take up running again this year. That's my resolution (incidentally, the same as last year, but this time I might keep it up for the full 12 months).
6) I don't even want to think about applying for jobs at the moment. God.
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Doing a close at the pub with this manager is always good craic but my god is he slow! Still. He's lovely. Such a good listener when I'm ranting about Scottish douche. He'll throw him out and bar him next time he acts like a douche to me.

I am putting weight on again. Can see it in my face and feel it in my tighter trousers. Nothing I didn't expect but still a bit demoralizing. She says while eating pizza. Honestly, I sabotage myself in full knowledge.

Tomorrow I will go running. I will eat healthy. I will write 100 words of my big bang. I will look forward to the future and pull myself out of this ever-so-slight depressive funk.

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Because I need somewhere to be accountable.

Start weight: 13st 6lbs (c. 87kg)
Start date: January 2011
Current weight: 11st 7lbs (74.3kg)
Goal weight: 10st

There's been a bit of a backslide on the diet front for the last couple of weeks. Eating biscuits and pub food and drinking and stuff. Life would be pretty dull without the odd treat, but when the treats outnumber regular meals then you know you're in trouble. So this is me, reconfirming my commitment to becoming healthier.

I've also finished the couch-to-5k program! I can run for 30 minutes! This is so huge, because 6 months I could only run in bursts of 60 seconds. Am very proud I'd myself!

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Oh pub

Jun. 4th, 2011 12:29 am
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The rota at work was all kinds of fucked this week. On Tuesday I pulled an unscheduled 6 hour shift whilst dying of flu. Then Wednesday evening I received a call from Pub that went like this:

You're on tonight. 5-10pm.

No I'm not.

Yes you are.

Nope. I don't work Wednesday.

Yeah, the rota got changed but no one has been told. Any chance you can come in anyway?

Nada. I have tutoring now, which pays more for less hours.

Oh. Well. Bye. Also, you just worked a 6 day week so you can have Friday off.


... Guess who got a phone call at 7.10pm asking where I was and sorry to mess me around but I actually do need to be in tonight. Grrrrr.

On the plus side, it was a really good shift. I enjoyed the craic, and I tried a double Eristoff Gold and a double Eristoff Black afterwards. Conclusion: yummy.

I am mostly over my cold, and after the spectacularly unproductive day (I woke up at midday! After 12 hours kip!) I decided to go for a run (first time in nearly two weeks. I am very bad). It was awesome. Running at night is fab!

To summarise: I fail at writing fic.

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Running: is going super well! I'm really pleased with my progress. I do, however, need to invest in some shorts for this delightful hot weather we are having.

Diet: some days are better than others. My will power slips most notably at work, which is not unexpected. It's a fairly physical job, and also we serve food. Oh well. I am still doing really well. Just 1st 11lbs to my next goal!

Fic: am chuffed to bits that people are liking Absence Makes. Chapter 3 is slow going thus far. I think because Esca is not there, it's a lot more difficult to have Marcus in reaction to him. So I've shamefully been procrastinating today by rereading all my old HP fic. My god, it's bad. I mean, really bad (except the one where Severus is a slave; that one is pretty insightful). Still, by looking back I can see how much I've moved forward.

Stuff: for those who have been living under a rock, a certain prince of the realm is getting married on Friday. While I'm happy for the royal couple, I must state that having to stay at work until 2am Friday morning to decorate for the occasion is cruel to say the least.

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Thing the First: I ran for 20 minutes straight this morning, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. To think, 3 months ago it was a struggle to run for 90 seconds at a time. \o/

Thing the Second: I am still awake, when I should be sleeping, because I have to get up early to tidy the house and pack my bag before going to school (via Tesco for foodstuffs) and then I'm HOME for a few days, and then CORNWALL for a few more, then HOME again.

Thing the Third: Chapter Two of Absence Makes will henceforth be known as THE CHAPTER THAT NEVER ENDS. I keep trying to get the boys onto a boat, and they keep stopping to have arguments and blowjobs and things. Most irritating.
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Didn't pass out much at the blood test, which was great. Traumatised me for the rest of the day, so getting through my shift at work was difficult. Still, at least it's over with now.

Went for a run this morning and felt awesome. It totally rocked.

Also, I put a request up over at the kinkmeme for The Eagle and HOMG! Two amazing WIP fills already! It's like having fic written especially for you! ♥

It was much easier watching Glee when I was in the USA...
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Today's run was awesome. This is very unusual for a Wednesday. We had some technology fail, but that meant I ran up the hill for 5 minutes instead of 3. I'm very proud of myself! I really pushed hard today for a total of 18 minutes running (interspersed with 8 mins of walking). Yay me!

The Eagle is a teeny tiny fandom. It's nice in a way, but there needs to be more fic!! I am planning something, which (if I finish it) will be long and also plotty. Yay!

I decided I missed reading actual books. It's honestly been years since I picked up an actual book made of paper. So, whilst on amazon looking for humane mouse traps (for our third lodger, who lives in the cupboard under the stairs), I may have splurged a little bit. Lol. But I will have presents in the mail!

I went to school again yesterday. It was really good. I did some more 1-1 teaching that was very productive. I also helped out a bit with a year 7 PSHE class. It was illuminating to see behaviour management in practice, and how it worked. Also realised the value of names in a class. I'm feeling more confident about a teaching career now that I've spent time in the classroom.

Tomorrow I go for a blood test. I fully expect it to be as bad as the last time, which means I certainly won't be driving anywhere. I wish I wasn't so squeamish!

Thus concludes my Wednesday summary.

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Diet Waffle - not literally a waffle, though that would be an amazing invention. )

Some people shouldn't have animals. There's a family in Brandon who own a field and about 15 horses where I run. The horses are half-wild, never brushed, living off grass. Not abused, or even really neglected. But today I had to herd one back into the field, then block a hole with wire and bits of string. I mean, Jesus, if that pony had spooked and run into traffic ... It doesn't bear thinking about.

Watching The King's Speech again. Such a fantastic movie. It deserves every award for which it's eligible.


Jan. 31st, 2011 07:56 pm
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Week 3 Day 1 )

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In which I am boring and waffle on about my diet. )
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I feel awesome )

January so far has rocked.

ETA: Entirely unrelated to the above, but -

Dear Hollywood,

Please to be making a movie with both Chris Pine and Jensen Ackles in it. I mean, Jesus H. Christ.

That is all.


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