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Still over on Tumblr.

Still teaching in the UAE.

Still fangirling Mad Max: Fury Road.
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I've jumped ship to Tumblr (fadagaski.tumblr.com) where I post almost exclusively about Mad Max Fury Road.
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Hoo-boy! So things are spiralling rapidly towards the future! But let's back up, and track how it's come to this point.

  1. I decided I wanted to be a freelance writer.

  2. I put out my CV into the world.

  3. I received a job offer as a contracted writer in the education sector, which I had to turn down because of the hella long notice period required of teachers.

  4. I handed in my notice.

  5. I thought, off-hand, about looking for teaching jobs abroad.

  6. I looked at teaching jobs abroad.

  7. I applied for a bunch (literally, like, 100).

  8. I signed up for 10 agencies.

  9. I was offered two jobs, and rejected both as unsuitable.

  10. I signed up for one more agency.

  11. I got a job in Fujairah, that starts in August.

And that's where it's at! Wow! School ends here next Friday, and I fly out on 19th August. I'll be down in London tomorrow sorting out some paperwork. It's kind of crazy that 4 months ago I was all gung-ho about leaving teaching entirely. Not anymore, it seems.

Also, my family are looking to move to the Orkneys in 3 years' time, so there's that to look forward to as well.

All aboard the Emirates Express!
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At 6.30am I began the best interview of my life! Isn't Skype amazing? The Principal who interviewed me was unbelievably nice and it felt like having a chat with a friend instead of an interview. I hope I get offered the job! It would be a brilliant place to work!
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I might be moving to China in 5 months.
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  1. July 2015
    • Finish manuscript.

  2. August 2015
    • Pitch for freelance opportunities. This is the litmus test.
    • Apply for mortgage.

  3. September 2015
    • Edit manuscript. Test on guinea pigs.
    • Happy birthday to me!

  4. October 2015
    • Find an agent.
    • Start second novel.
    • Continue to find new freelancing opportunities.

  5. November 2015
    • Buy a house.
    • If successful, start sole trader company.

  6. December 2015
    • Enjoy Christmas.
    • Finish second novel.

  7. January 2016
    • Edit novel. Test on guinea pigs.

  8. February 2016
    • Submit second novel to agent.

  9. March 2016
    • Continue to find new freelancing opportunities.
    • Start script writing.

  10. April 2016
    • Tax returns!

  11. May 2016
    • Hand in notice/ask for reduced hours.

  12. June 2016
    • Continue to find new freelancing opportunities.

  13. July 2016
    • Finish script.
    • Last day?

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There are many things I want to do, and seeing the path to doing them is nigh impossible. I want to live a location-independent existing, working from country to country for the rest of my life. I would support myself any way I could - online/freelance writing, WWOOFing, TESOL, anything. I would go where the wind swept me.

But I can't. I have debts here, responsibilities, things and people that need looking after. So I must stay.

I tried looking up different ways to make money online. There are lots of ideas out there ... none of them guaranteed. I can't risk that.

The Yearning is for a challenge. To travel the world would be an immense challenge, but it's not possible right now. Instead, I'm setting my sights on something else. My new challenge - to get a Masters (in American Studies) and then a PhD (in Education?).

And maybe, in that time, other challenges might arise. Who knows?
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My Harry Potter love has been rekindled by my visit to the set at Watford. It was so great I'm going back again in January.
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I'm writing a story that I think has got real traction. The MC is a princess with epilepsy whose sister is assassinated by Fae, who live in an adjoining realm and are the sole suppliers of Fae Dust - a substance greatly in demand in the human world. I think it technically is Contemporary Fantasy. I'm really excited about it!

I don't read enough at all, which is a huge shame and something I'd like to correct. Yesterday I took Ultraviolet by [livejournal.com profile] rj_anderson out of the school library, and I finished it in a day. A really great novel! I thought the descriptions were incredibly vivid - it made synesthesia easy to understand and 'visualise' (for lack of a better term) - and if you ignore the sequel, the ending is wonderfully ambiguous. Highly recommended!

I'm off school today with a fever and sore throat. Feel like craaaaaaaaaaaaaap.
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long hair

Please sponsor me: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/nicola-goes-bald
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Lose your temper once in this entire week of crap and feel like a monster. FML.
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I'm marking the first Teacher Assessment for my Year 6 kids and every. single. one. triggers a mental chorus of OMG OMG OMG D:D:D: I am the worst teacher ever. That's the only explanation for 25/27 kids scoring so abysmally.

Actually want to cry. Think I might.
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Dublin and surrounding areas.
The Highlands of Scotland.
Yorkshire dales.
The whole of Italy.
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Had another dream about babies. This time I had twin boys in Sweden or somewhere. I was trying to get a house back in the UK that was big enough for me, the babies (omg they were so tiny and precious), my sister, my mother, Jared Padalecki and his daughter, Jensen Ackles and his daughter, and a fat sweaty 'uncle' who was lecherous in the extreme. I had to leave my twins behind with my mother so the actors could get their kids into the country. When I finally got my boys they grew so fast they were toddling in days.

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My mother is teaching me to knit! For the purposes of making tea cosies. Obviously.
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I spend a large amount of time on Pinterest when I only have the school computer for entertainment (no games *sadface*). Yesterday I was looking at the 'Kids' subsection; lots of nurseries, lots of games, lots of pithy sayings ... and lots of pictures of families.

I would like a family. Actually, looking around, I think I would like a large family. Like, 4-5 kids kind of large. Thing is though, I'm 27 (not ancient, but still). I probably won't get to have any kids until I'm 30+, if I'm lucky. And to squeeze 4-5 into a decade is doable (hell, that's how it was done before the 50s) but ...

I dunno. I'm talking gibberish. Blame the cough meds.
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Today I was observed by an Ofsted inspector, who judged the 20 minutes of my lesson he saw as 'Requires Improvement'. In my feedback, he assured me that there were "lots of strengths" - my marking, the task, the differentiation - but that I stood in the wrong place so children went off task, and also their 'neat' books didn't show progression after marking.

I didn't think I'd be this thoroughly demoralised by getting a poor score. I think the worst thing is that it's not a dialogue. Someone has come in, seen 20 minutes of a lesson, and decided that's the grade. No dialogue. No conversation about my marking, or the children. Just: this is what you are.

Normally I am in school for 7am and I don't leave until about 5pm. I run 2 clubs and help run a 3rd. In the run up to the inspectors coming in, I stayed at school to work solidly for 14 hours on Monday and Tuesday. I was in again at 6am this morning. I care passionately about these children and their progress. And I wasn't able to express that. Just: this is what you are.

I'll be fine. I will be fine. I'm not an outstanding teacher, and even if I was I would still need to improve, but I think a fairer assessment would have been 'Good'. I am a GOOD teacher.

Fuck Ofsted and fuck Gove too.
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I need to win the lottery so I can buy all the things.
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Last night I dreamt that I gave birth to a baby called Josephine (a name I highly approve of) in my classroom at lunchtime but I hid her in the cupboard and continued to teach. Then after school I tried find Ameriboy but there was rioting and looting and I kept misplacing the baby.


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