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Jul. 26th, 2011 05:36 pm
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Wouldn't it be amazing if Disney teamed up with Joss Whedon? Can you imagine?

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Didn't pass out much at the blood test, which was great. Traumatised me for the rest of the day, so getting through my shift at work was difficult. Still, at least it's over with now.

Went for a run this morning and felt awesome. It totally rocked.

Also, I put a request up over at the kinkmeme for The Eagle and HOMG! Two amazing WIP fills already! It's like having fic written especially for you! ♥

It was much easier watching Glee when I was in the USA...
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Just watched The Eagle (as compensation for a 10 hour shift at the pub) and omg!! It's just the most perfect 'me' movie. Two unlikely compatriots travelling from A to B in search of plot. Lots of fighting, an unusual soundtrack, and Romans. And no soppy superfluous love interest either. It's like really fab Gladiator fanfic.


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  • I made banana bread yesterday. It smells so good. Can't wait to have a slice tonight!

  • The house wireless network is sometimes made of fail. I can't currently access Kock (Popcorn Hour device) to edit some files. FAAAIL.

  • My problems are so First World.

  • I just watched Tangled again, and now I have thoughts. )
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Diet Waffle - not literally a waffle, though that would be an amazing invention. )

Some people shouldn't have animals. There's a family in Brandon who own a field and about 15 horses where I run. The horses are half-wild, never brushed, living off grass. Not abused, or even really neglected. But today I had to herd one back into the field, then block a hole with wire and bits of string. I mean, Jesus, if that pony had spooked and run into traffic ... It doesn't bear thinking about.

Watching The King's Speech again. Such a fantastic movie. It deserves every award for which it's eligible.
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Regarding Avatar: I understand that this film kinda sucked a little. The CGI was, of course, first rate cutting edge modern awesomeness. Everything else, from the plotline to the characterisation to even the score in some parts, was cliched and well-worn to the point where I half-expected the General to say "No, Luke. I am your father!"


Am I really the only person on the whole of Livejournal who kind of wants to read fic about this strange new planet and all these kooky people? I know that every single character is one-dimensional (pun entirely intended), but I think that makes it more exciting because there are more gaps to fill, more things to explore! It's like Harry Potter, where every adult character is exactly who JKR needs them to be until they're needed to be someone else (see: Sirius Black).

I would like to read about Avatar spoilers. ). Or how about moar Avatar spoilers. ) And that's just the two I thought of when I watched it again this afternoon.

In regards to Star Trek XI, I still have this one fic that I'm trying to write, but I'm having issues with style and voice. It's from Gaila's POV (another blank-canvas-character. Sensing a theme?) but I can't decide how to tell the story. Most Gaila-fics (the good ones, with depth) have a kind of over-arching style where the reader is half-linked into Gaila's thoughts and time passes in blobs that serve to pick out the prudent parts of her history that make the point. The best writer by far is [ profile] igrockspock and she employs this style a lot, which I think my Muse is trying to emulate. I think it would suit the flow of the story, too, and I have a succinct writing pattern anyway. But I'm reluctant to throw my eggs into that basket purely because it's quite a common narrative style in fanfic now (see: every 5Times fic ever written). So do I go with the style that is trying to come out or do I try to write something more structured?

Gah! Fic = hard.
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Today is MADE OF FAIL. Every time I pick up the phone it seems I'm fielding a complaint. W T ever-loving F. Not on, world.

And yesterday was so awesome. The office entirely cleared out due to technical malfunction, leaving me to sit and stuff envelopes whilst reading Star Trek Reboot genfic. Dude, there is no definition of awesome more suited!

I have fallen for this fandom so hard, I'm even starting to like the film.

But today is still made of fail.
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On Being English )

And it appears we have learned nothing as a country if we've voted in the BNP. Jesus fucking Christ.

Star Trek

May. 17th, 2009 07:03 pm
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I saw the new Star Trek with [ profile] bustahead today, and it was ... okay. Not awful, but not nearly as awesome I hoped or was led to believe. I'm quite disappointed actually, as I'd been looking forward to something quite epic and deep. But I found it really quite middling. *SIGH*

But who had the whole weekend off work? Yay!

The Zef

May. 6th, 2009 11:04 pm
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17 Again? Surprisingly good movie. Whole cinema was chuckling at the funny bits, and wincing at the incestuous bits, and sitting silent for the climactic bits, etc. It's not going to win any Oscars, but I enjoyed it.

Zac Efron. OMFG hawt. He reminds me of Leo with his cute little face, his blonde hair, his secret stash of acting woah he keeps hidden in those skinny-jeans of his. Nom.

I don't think I'm cradle-snatching. He's about my age ... right?
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  1. Sister arrived last Wednesday for a week's stay and has been nothing short of fabulous ever since.
  2. On Sunday we spent 7 hours in the train (3 there, 4 back) in order to see the Matterhorn. We took the cablecar up the Klein Matterhorn with its all-year snow and slowly receding glacier. And we went in the highest elevator in Europe, to a height of about 12,200ft. Was AWESOME.
  3. Last night we went to Bern (best city ever, how have I not been there already?), where we saw The Dark Knight. For all that people have been raving about it, I expected to be more taken in by the movie. It was good, but I don't think I adore it like most people do. Bruce Wayne (as opposed to Batman) is my second favourite character, next to Commisioner Gordon (who is made of utter win).
  4. Papi Boss is home today getting over a fever, so the girls are mucking about for his attention. Luckily he is taking this exactly as he should, but it's still annoying for me. Oh well.
  5. I'm working 36 hours over 3 days this week, according to my calculations. It would be interesting to see how Mami Boss works out my hours.
  6. Night out on Friday? I've done more partying and late nights working full time here than I ever did at uni. Oh the irony.


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