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I knew this girl in Year 8 who was a massive Westlife fan. At breaktimes she would sit in the library or on the field and write long self-insert stories. She didn't know about fanfic at the time, so I never told her of the Mary Sue taboo.

I totally have that same urge now to write utterly gratuitous self-insert fic, just for me. But even though it would never see the light of day, I'm reluctant to do it, just because it's so shameful in my chosen circle of peers.

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12 mins to the end of Boy's mock English exam. A random post of randomisity:

A. I am self-sabotaging. Been staying up hella late this week reading badfic instead of writing my own fills or, y'know, sleeping. Brain, you are not so subtle.

B. eHarmony. Got a few convos going with some matches. I suppose the next part is to arrange coffee dates? IDEK. I've never dated before. I've never had a boyfriend before. How does this adult thing go?

C. I fail at writing fic. I'm more disciplined about running than about writing. Blaegh.

D. If the summer would just hurry up and load instead of timing out then the world would be a lot better.

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Part the First: I have a cold. This will make the housemate very happy, as [livejournal.com profile] rhaegal is forever coming down with some affliction whilst I tend to sail through. I guess walking to and from work in the rain in just a hoody was a bad call? Go figure.

Part the Second: Does it still count as 'Irish Tea' if it's got Scotch Whisky in it?

Part the Third: I have [what I egotistically presume is] a fantastic idea for [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang. But I'm not sure I'm smart enough to pull it off. Wah.
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Obviously chapter 4 of Absence Makes is in the offing. By which I mean I took a break for Remix Madness 2011 but will soon start the aforementioned chapter.

I have been coerced by [livejournal.com profile] rhaegal into writing a K/S fic for her con zine. This is not my primary fandom, nor even my preferred pairing, and yet here we are! Does anyone have any suggestions? Prompts? [livejournal.com profile] shei has been throwing songs at me (at my request) but I'm all ears for other input!

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Chapter three is getting ridiculous! I'm at 6600+ words and Marcus is still in France. It's a 6 week trip to Rome! The temperature hasn't even gone up yet! Gaaaah!

Also, I worry that it's a bit slow-going. There's no Esca, and no mad crazy weather, just lots of moping and - soon - piles of dead bodies.

Morbid? Me?

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Well, that's a question and a half. I have 2 jobs. I'm not 100% ecstatic in either. At Estate Agents, I'm probably going to be pushed into doing sales in the near future which I am categorically NOT happy about. At Pub, which I quite enjoy as a part time occupation, I think I would rather die if I had to do more than 20 hours a week, or any kitchen shifts, or work the floor on too many quiet nights.

Yes, I am really fussy. I know.

I think there is such a thing as a dream job, in that you dream of that perfect occupation and aim towards it. I highly doubt that, even if you then manage to achieve that job, it is ever anything remotely as perfect as you imagined. The point of life is compromise.

In 5 years' time I would like to be in a different country entirely, doing something completely unrelated to what I'm doing now. In 10 years I would like to have earned my PhD and possibly be working at a university, but maybe not. I am notoriously bad at sticking to a plan.

I would still like to do the working holiday down under (Australia or New Zealand? How to choose?). I also want to work the Disney Cruise Line for a year. And maybe teach English in the Far East or Africa. And I'd love to do volunteer work with animals and/or children.

How could anyone restrict themselves to one job when there are so many opportunities out there?


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