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At 6.30am I began the best interview of my life! Isn't Skype amazing? The Principal who interviewed me was unbelievably nice and it felt like having a chat with a friend instead of an interview. I hope I get offered the job! It would be a brilliant place to work!
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  1. July 2015
    • Finish manuscript.

  2. August 2015
    • Pitch for freelance opportunities. This is the litmus test.
    • Apply for mortgage.

  3. September 2015
    • Edit manuscript. Test on guinea pigs.
    • Happy birthday to me!

  4. October 2015
    • Find an agent.
    • Start second novel.
    • Continue to find new freelancing opportunities.

  5. November 2015
    • Buy a house.
    • If successful, start sole trader company.

  6. December 2015
    • Enjoy Christmas.
    • Finish second novel.

  7. January 2016
    • Edit novel. Test on guinea pigs.

  8. February 2016
    • Submit second novel to agent.

  9. March 2016
    • Continue to find new freelancing opportunities.
    • Start script writing.

  10. April 2016
    • Tax returns!

  11. May 2016
    • Hand in notice/ask for reduced hours.

  12. June 2016
    • Continue to find new freelancing opportunities.

  13. July 2016
    • Finish script.
    • Last day?

Oh well :)

Jan. 27th, 2012 04:45 pm
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Didn't get the job at the school, but it was an invaluable experience and my confidence isn't really knocked so much as shaped. Need to improve my interview technique. :)

Onwards and upwards!


Jan. 25th, 2012 09:06 pm
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Omg! Ok. So. I'm currently at mum's house in Milton Keynes. Let me catch you up on why.

Tue 6.30am: I applied for a job at a VERY nice school down south. The deadline was 9am.

Tue 9.50am: missed call.

Tue 11.30am: call back. Invited to interview! At 8am on Thursday. Eep!

Tue afternoon: waiting waiting waiting for information so I know what I'm doing.

Wed 6am: receive information! Panic. Go to school.

Wed afternoon: plan lesson to deliver tomorrow. Drive south.

Tomorrow I need to leave at 6am to beat the M1 traffic and omg I am so excited and nervous and I just want it to go well. Eep! I'll report back tomorrow.
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My sleep cycle is apparently so used to being cut short now that I woke up at 4.45am without prompting. I am putting the extra time to good use by watching Ice Age and reading porn.

PGCE stuff, or: Reflective journaling )

Pub stuff, or: Reasons why barwork is awesome )
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"Eeee. I could never have an overdraft. I would just die. You should do without instead of going into the red."

FYI: sometimes you don't have a choice. Deal with it.

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Day 3 of the temp job. We are deep-cleaning a school before the kids come back. I can say that I categorically hate gum, graffiti and black shoes.

There's nothing wrong with cleaning. I do not think less of those that do clean for a living. I quickly got over feelings of inadequacy the first time I swept up puke as an au pair. And yet ...

I am forever petrified of being stuck here. It would be my #1 worst nightmare to be cornered by bad finances (of which I have plenty) into a life of 60-hour weeks scrubbing on my hands and knees.

This is temporary. If I did it in Turkey in exchange for diving lessons, it would be temporary.

In September I start teacher training. In December I start applying for jobs. September 2012 I begin my NQT year. After that, all this being patient and planning ahead and biding my time will pay off, as I'll be on the first plane to somewhere hot and sunny with eager kids.

I never got to do my gapyear. I'm in too much debt to consider it now. But my god I will get out there to see the world no matter how goddamn long it takes.


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There's something about office temping that is actually more soul-destroying than bar work. In the bar, people talk to you. You're still a glorified cleaner on minimum wage, but at least your customers and colleagues look you in the eye and engage in conversation - sometimes intelligent conversation.

An office temp is too transient to warrant that much investment. S/he is still a glorified cleaner, on slightly better pay. I think the worst thing is that everyone around you is wrapped up in their work, stretching their brains, while I - who am not dumb, really - get asked to make coffee.

The coffee thing is the worst part. Menial faxing and filing I can do. It's useful. Productive. To me, the coffee has come to symbolise the state of being whereby you're undervalued, underestimated, and unachieving.

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Jul. 4th, 2011 01:09 am
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Ahahaha I am still at the pub waiting to go and I have work tomorrow at 8am and I don't know when I'll get out of here and also I am hungry.

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Jul. 1st, 2011 07:08 am
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I'm in officewear for the first time in months. It's uncomfortable to say the least. Starting a new job today - 3/4 weeks temping for a construction company, full time hours for reasonable pay. Not looking forward to the crazy fun of 75+ hours a week between one job and t'other again, but definitely approve of money for rent and also food.

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Today at work, whilst balancing precariously on a stool to string up bunting for the royal wedding tomorrow, I was sexually harassed by one of our regulars. It was playful, he didn't mean anything by it, but I told him in a firm voice not to touch me again.

He got thrown out because he started calling me a "stupid fucking mare".

Why do people suck so hard?
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Shamelessly pilferred from [livejournal.com profile] loneraven. tl;dr meme )
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Wah! I need my FFVII icons back. :(

Going for interview with County Council at 11am, so need to leave in about 5 minutes. It got brought forward from Tuesday to today, which is both a little bit inconvenient but also very promising! I am dressed to impress! I washed my hair! I put on proper shoes! I am wearing a necklace!

Didn't get out from the pub last night til 1am; did the entire close pretty much by myself. So freaking tired now. Blah. Must not yawn in interview.

There's been nothing to do at this job for well over a week, but today I got an email attachment from Head Office with about 50 purchase order corrections to GRN. £$&*@%*#! I will feel bad leaving that pile to the returning employee on Monday, but OMG. On my last day? Really? And it's for hires too, so I am completely confuzzelated.

I have been playing with spreadsheets, and - barring any horrific and unforeseen expenses - and so long as I remain gainfully employed at about this amount per month (or higher! Higher is good) - I should be debt-free by next year. Just in time to take out a loan for PGCE. *headdesk*

Job news

Oct. 13th, 2010 11:01 am
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+ 'Informal' interview on Tuesday for a job paying £10.83 an hour!!

- Hours are 25 per week over 3 days, and likely to decrease to just 2 days.

+ Agency has said they can get me something else to plug the 3 day gap.

- If they're not quick about it, I will be very much stuck in a rut.

+ It's until March 2011.

+ Gives me a few spare days initially to try to get Secondary school experience to support my application for teacher training.

+ It's with the county council.

- It's with the county council.

+ It's in Crook.

On the whole, am very positive. It'll be nice to catch up on sleep, maybe go for a walk (woods and fields at the back of the house). So long as I've got the pub, and 1-2 other jobs, I'm sure I'll manage. :)

ETA: Discovered today I've been the victim of identity fraud. £506 gone to some twat in the south of London on Esso petrol and a McDonald's meal and two fucking rooms at Holiday Inn, Kensington. Fuckers.

Bank has terminated that card, is refunding me the money and issuing a new card for that account. It's just such an inconvenience. I'll have to try to reclaim the £20 stoppage charge they levied for a failed standing order. I've been struggling to see how to make ends meet all this time; I don't need some turd in south London making it harder.
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Going for an interview at 3.30pm with a temp agency in Durham. I don't remember applying to them, but I picked up the call yesterday whilst asleep so my memory of the conversation goes like this:

Me: zzzzzzzz

Phone: *ring*

Me: zzzzzzz *picks up* zzzzello?

Consultant: *Peanuts-style mwaa mwaa mwaa* interview at some point this week?

Me: .... Yes? I'm free Wednesday.

And here I am, freshly showered and ready to roll. Though I think this interview is to sign up officially on their books? And they deal with office recruitment, which - pleh. But whatever pays, y'know? At least office hours are conducive to evening and weekend work.

Speaking of, I have all appropriate appendages crossed that I get the 8-hour weekend job at Ann Summers. *leer*

Umming and ahhing about the future, naturally. It's my default state. If Disney ask to hire me this winter, I'm not sure I'll go. I WANT to go, at some point, but if I've just managed to pull together 2-4 jobs in time for Xmas, the last thing I'll want to do is jump ship (pun entirely intended). So I'm thinking of speaking to their agency and asking them to remove me from the pool of applicants - at least temporarily.

Have instead been looking at the PGCE (Secondary), specifically in English with Drama at Durham. Durham's program is credibly worse than Newcastle's, but NCL is a long way away and I do not intend to have a car for very much longer. Though I'm still debating the merits of selling it.

*rolls eyes* My problems are so First World.
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Subject is emo. Apologies. I'm not feeling remotely depressed or anything. Just feel like I'm waiting in limbo for something to happen. It's been another lazy, unproductive day. I'm sure it's actually an unconscious method of self-harm. Bah.


- I need to be here in the north, working consistently, for two years just to pay off my debt (never mind saving for New Zealand). Unless DCL call. Then it'll be two years on a boat.

- New Zealand is definitely my next destination.

- Kings College London appeals more every day, but must resist urge to apply right now. There's cultivating multiple options, and then there's just plain greed.

- Tinies called. Asked me to interview in a fortnight. That could be hopeful. I start again at the pub tomorrow night, but I don't know if they've got hours enough for me. I don't know if I'd even want to work 50 hours there, to be honest, but beggars can't be choosers.

Chores tomorrow: mow lawn, clean kitchen, clean bathroom, tidy my room, charity shop dump, groceries, pick up [livejournal.com profile] rhaegal from the airport. At least I'll be busy!

Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in - it can be anything from the house I live in to my favorite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry. That way you get to know a little bit about my life, if you're remotely interested in it. :)
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Bought car insurance. Cleared out 4 bin bags' wort of clothes for charity. Still so much crap left! Wish I could be more ruthless - it's not like anyone would know if I chucked their gift - but something stops me. Ah well.

Also job-hunted. Will do mass call and email campaign tomorrow. Must stay in England until debt is paid (unless DCL hire me). Looking at those work from home ads. Almost undoubtedly scams, but so tempting nevertheless! What I wouldn't give for some easy money.

I still want to take the NVQ in cooking. I also want a CELTA (when I go to New Zealand, I think) and a childcare qualification. And a PhD. I feel like a sailboat with no rudder.

Need to get a life cobbled together here. How depressing is that? Four months in America, running away from monotony. Camping in tents, eating simple food and drinking with friends - it felt natural in a soul-deep way.

Tim says he wants to come to the UK next year. That'll be interesting, if I'm not on a boat in the Caribbean. Anywhere but here, right?
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Today has been an awesome day. I'm back in California at summer camp, looking after ponies and a petting zoo again. It's July 4th weekend. What did I do today? Well, I woke at 6.30 to feed the ponies and clear up all their poop. This pleased me greatly as Silver the pony had a touch of water colic yesterday that had me worried, but today he was right as rain.

I had avocados on toast for breakfast, then started to clear out the animals as they have a serious fly infestation that I'm fighting. Then I got invited to IHOP for second breakfast and had the most epic cream cheese stuffed French toast with strawberries and two large cups of lemon iced tea. I have been craving same for the last 3 years.

And then I bought a party size bag of peanut butter MnMs and am now the happiest person on earth.

It's kind of amazing how a little bit of hard work, some good food, and heaps of sunshine can just turn your life around.

Tomorrow we get to ride in a fire truck in some small town parade followed by a BBQ and swimming and fireworks at Roo's house. Awesome.

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I'm on tenterhooks waiting for Durham Uni to process my application for MA English Lit. They now have all the papers they need, so it's just a case of them up-thumbing or down-thumbing. I'm praying for an up-thumb!

Depending on whether I get into this MA, I think I'll still apply to UC Berkeley (Rhetoric Department, Film Studies specialisation). I'm also going to apply to Cambridge (because if you're going to shoot high, you might as well shoot REALLY high) and - possibly, if I like the course and the lecturers and whatnot - Durham. And also Hull, as my reserve choice.

Work (Estate Agents) is boring. REALLY boring. I'm scratching for things to do by the afternoon, but it's an open office so it's not like you can sit on Word typing fic up without attracting attention. This is of Teh Suck. If I can stand to, I'll stick it out until uni starts in September. If I can't ... well, the recession is receding slowly, right?

Work (Pub) is still a laugh and a half. The hours were a bit weird over Christmas, with a couple of early closes because of the snow (which is yay-making!). I'm working nearly 20 hours at the Pub this week though, on top of 40 at Estate Agents. Eep!

Next week I'm off to Cardiff for my gran's funeral. She passed away on Christmas Day, apparently with no pain. She was my favourite grandparent when I was growing up ... and I'm going to stop thinking about her at work before I start crying. I'm sure it'll be beautiful. That is, if I don't die trying to get there via Milton Keynes to collect my sister on horrific icy roads in a blizzard at night after a 60-hour work week.

Is it geeky that I'm plotting potential chapters for my PhD thesis?
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Customer: *wearing an angel outfit and looks about 17* Pint of Fosters and a red wine please.

Me: Sure thing. Can I see some ID?

Customer: *incredulous look* Of course you can! *produces ID* It says 2nd of the 1st, 1991. Okay?

Me: Yeah, thanks. Small, medium or large wine?

Customer: Just a small. *to her friend* Can you believe she just ID'd me? I can't believe she just ID'd me.

Co-worker: We have to ID you, darlin'. It's the law.

Customer: *haughty* Yeah, I know! I'm doing Law at Durham.

Me: *faux chirpy* That'll be £XX.XX.

Customer: *with attitude* Thanks! *to friends* Can't believe they just ID'd me! *mimics* It's the law!

Me: Honey, we have to ID you.

Customer: *too busy muttering to friends to listen, but tosses a few glares back*

Co-worker: She spent the entire 5 minutes at the bar bitching about you.

Me: Really? Cut her off then. No more booze for the 18 year-old lawyer.


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