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If I had been less disciplined, if I had read one more fic instead of walking to work, it would've rained before I left and I'd have taken the car. Now I'm looking at 6 hours in wet underwear. Bah.

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12 mins to the end of Boy's mock English exam. A random post of randomisity:

A. I am self-sabotaging. Been staying up hella late this week reading badfic instead of writing my own fills or, y'know, sleeping. Brain, you are not so subtle.

B. eHarmony. Got a few convos going with some matches. I suppose the next part is to arrange coffee dates? IDEK. I've never dated before. I've never had a boyfriend before. How does this adult thing go?

C. I fail at writing fic. I'm more disciplined about running than about writing. Blaegh.

D. If the summer would just hurry up and load instead of timing out then the world would be a lot better.

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I'm on tenterhooks waiting for Durham Uni to process my application for MA English Lit. They now have all the papers they need, so it's just a case of them up-thumbing or down-thumbing. I'm praying for an up-thumb!

Depending on whether I get into this MA, I think I'll still apply to UC Berkeley (Rhetoric Department, Film Studies specialisation). I'm also going to apply to Cambridge (because if you're going to shoot high, you might as well shoot REALLY high) and - possibly, if I like the course and the lecturers and whatnot - Durham. And also Hull, as my reserve choice.

Work (Estate Agents) is boring. REALLY boring. I'm scratching for things to do by the afternoon, but it's an open office so it's not like you can sit on Word typing fic up without attracting attention. This is of Teh Suck. If I can stand to, I'll stick it out until uni starts in September. If I can't ... well, the recession is receding slowly, right?

Work (Pub) is still a laugh and a half. The hours were a bit weird over Christmas, with a couple of early closes because of the snow (which is yay-making!). I'm working nearly 20 hours at the Pub this week though, on top of 40 at Estate Agents. Eep!

Next week I'm off to Cardiff for my gran's funeral. She passed away on Christmas Day, apparently with no pain. She was my favourite grandparent when I was growing up ... and I'm going to stop thinking about her at work before I start crying. I'm sure it'll be beautiful. That is, if I don't die trying to get there via Milton Keynes to collect my sister on horrific icy roads in a blizzard at night after a 60-hour work week.

Is it geeky that I'm plotting potential chapters for my PhD thesis?
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To all America: Congrats!

To the rest of the world: Congrats by proxy!

This day is so symbolic, and memorable, etc etc. It'll be interesting to see what people make of Bush's presidency in 50 years ... and what Obama's presidency will look like from the other side in comparison. I hope he doesn't fuck up too much.

I have fic (two, actually), but as I'm sort of selfish I don't want to post them until the flood of inaugaration posts dies down. Yes, I am just that shallow.

This past weekend I was in Cardiff, which was wet and windy and cold but also nice to see the grandparents again. Despite their differences, and the awkwardness, and all that jazz, they really do love each other. Made me feel all soft and squishy inside. On the way home we were nearly made soft and squishy on the motorway when my car made bizarre noises (due to a bag stuck in the front-right wheel), we almost careened into a Spanish HGV, and then had to emergency break on the last 100 yards of hard shoulder. Fun times. But the car is fine, and nobody died, so it's okay.

One week until I move to Durham, and I have an interview scheduled for the 28th for a position in telesales. I hate the idea of coldcalling, but I'll do just about anything for money. Also have telephone interview with the AA scheduled for Feb 2nd, and there's still ad hoc warehouse work in Sunderland, so I'm hopeful. *FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED LIKE MAD*


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