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There are many things I want to do, and seeing the path to doing them is nigh impossible. I want to live a location-independent existing, working from country to country for the rest of my life. I would support myself any way I could - online/freelance writing, WWOOFing, TESOL, anything. I would go where the wind swept me.

But I can't. I have debts here, responsibilities, things and people that need looking after. So I must stay.

I tried looking up different ways to make money online. There are lots of ideas out there ... none of them guaranteed. I can't risk that.

The Yearning is for a challenge. To travel the world would be an immense challenge, but it's not possible right now. Instead, I'm setting my sights on something else. My new challenge - to get a Masters (in American Studies) and then a PhD (in Education?).

And maybe, in that time, other challenges might arise. Who knows?


Oct. 1st, 2013 09:35 am
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I'm going to apply to the OU next year for a Masters in, probably, Childhood and Youth Studies (to be drawn out over 4-7 years). My main interests are:

  • The sexualisation of children and what we need to do to manage that.
  • Feminism and equality in schools.
  • What schools can do wholesale to manage the impact of media images and messages.
  • Broadening policies on Body Image, Sex, Consent teaching to include the most teachable ages (middle school and younger).

I think I can stretch to monthly repayments on a loan from the SLC. Should be fun!

ETA (05/10/13): I would love to do a paper entitled, "High School Mythical: Perception and Perpetuation of American High School Culture in British Schools".


Mar. 8th, 2012 06:57 am
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A school that included in its job specification that applicants should have a 'dash of eccentricity' has invited me to interview on Monday. Hee!

First official lesson observation yesterday went super well. Love my kids.

Busy day today is busy. :S Lots of printing to do.

2am ramble

Feb. 13th, 2012 02:01 am
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1) What sucks about not getting the job at that school isn't the failure of getting the job (though that sucks). It's the uncertainty. What if they were trying to call me but I didn't have signal at the time? It's such a stupid sliver of hope, but it might explain the lack of email. Stupid optimism is stupid.

2) My half-term 'holiday':

- write essay
- submit essay
- plan other essay
- submit plan for other essay
- read two novels for school
- plan two schemes of work based on aforementioned novels for school
- try to figure out what the third scheme of work is supposed to entail
- work 31 hours at the Pub

3) In two years' time I will be camping out under the stars in the Australian bush drinking whisky and laughing at my past self.

4) I'm putting weight on again. Bah humbug.
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Now, these might seem obvious to most, but my brain is a funny little place and it can take quite a while for anything to figure itself out.

Realisation 1) Uni stuff really isn't that hard. I spent 5 hours today reading for my essay and I think in the end it'll be fine. It'll all be fine. And I like teaching. The hardest part of the next 6 months is keeping on top of both whilst negotiating my treacherous inability to remember anything deadlines.

Realisation 2) I'm 25; if I'm very lucky I've got another 75 years left. This means two things: firstly, 6 months of teacher training followed by a scholastic year as an NQT are not, in the grand scheme of things, a drastic length of time; secondly, I have up to 75 years to explore the world. Since I was 14 I've planned my gap year (and put it off and put it off and put it off). Nowadays I know a year could never be enough. But that's okay! Because I will have 75 years - more or less - to live in a hundred different places and sail across oceans and drive over continents and just experience all the different shades of human life there are. It's no longer bound by ideas of settlement. If I have a partner, they must understand that very essential vagabond side of my nature; and if we have kids, then they'll just have to learn how to pack light. There's really nothing in the world to stop me.


Nov. 29th, 2011 12:24 am
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When I first moved back to the UK, I looked for (and found) a job that I didn't have to bring home. When I left the office, everything to do with the job stayed in the office, and that was okay.

It was also a really boring job, but I digress.

I thought teaching would be terrible primarily because you can't help but take it home with you. There isn't a choice. Between planning and resource-making and marking and reports and all that jazz, it's either take it home or not do it. And y'know what I've discovered? I'm okay with that. So long as I get a couple of hours immediately after school to myself, to eat dinner and veg out for a bit, I don't mind being up until midnight making PowerPoint presentations.

In other teaching news, I had my official university observation today. My class was Yr10, and they were sitting their controlled assessment, so there wasn't a great deal for me to be observed on, but I apparently did well and ticked a good few QTS Standards boxes. So I'm happy.

Two more observations tomorrow. Might see if I can get the third in with the second in 5th period. Asking for trouble, perhaps, but better them all out of the way.
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Okay! So. After months in limbo, stuff is finally happening in my life. A summary:

- Two weeks in a primary school placement for pre-PGCE work experience. It was enlightening. The staff were amazing, the kids brilliant, but it made me very very happy to be on the secondary course. I couldn't teach basic addition over and over again for the next 30 years.

- I started the PGCE! I am officially a student again. Jeans and hoodies all the way. It also means I'm walking from home to class to another class across town and then home again - about 2 hours total (uphill!). Good for the legs, but exhausting. Also, I haven't done the student thing for three years, so prepping for seminars and reading prescribed journals is a weird déjà vu. I am still, however, the most forward and talkative body in any given group.

- I find myself really looking forward to the coming year. I've never wanted to be a teacher, and I was ambivalent/apathetic coming to this course, but now that I'm here I'm really excited. I think I can be a good teacher, at home or abroad.

- Abroad is definitely where I want to go, but at this stage I don't find the idea of coming back completely abhorrent.

- Glee still owns me. Can't wait to see the new ep!!

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I am ill. I admit it today, because I was too achy to go running (I beat the fever on Wednesday though!). Muppets Treasure Island makes me feel better.

Have spent most of the morning looking up the visa requirements for Australia and New Zealand. Contrary to what I thought, the Kiwi visa is up to age 30. That sucks ... a lot.

It has also come to my attention that I have a regret. University. I went because the government was threatening to withdraw funding. I knew I wanted to get a degree, but I didn't know what in. So I picked the most broad subject (American Studies and English) and went off to study. And, okay, it was fun, and I don't regret Canada or meeting [livejournal.com profile] bustahead (well ...) but -

Okay, clarification of thought: I regret being mid-20s and in debt and stuck in frigid England when I could have been globetrotting for the past 6 years.

Benefits of hindsight I guess.

Ah well! I'm sure it'll all work out in the end. Mostly I'm just annoyed that I'm cutting it very fine with the Australasia working holiday visa stuff (age-wise, that is).
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Shamelessly pilferred from [livejournal.com profile] loneraven. tl;dr meme )


Oct. 2nd, 2010 01:34 pm
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Birthday last Thursday. Worked 16 hours straight, but received several cards, £10, a pair of flip flops, a Glee t shirt and a bouquet of roses. :D

Also decided it was about time I acted like a grown up. Applied for teacher training at Durham (PGCE Secondary English with Drama). Fingers crossed I get in for a third time!!

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Going for an interview at 3.30pm with a temp agency in Durham. I don't remember applying to them, but I picked up the call yesterday whilst asleep so my memory of the conversation goes like this:

Me: zzzzzzzz

Phone: *ring*

Me: zzzzzzz *picks up* zzzzello?

Consultant: *Peanuts-style mwaa mwaa mwaa* interview at some point this week?

Me: .... Yes? I'm free Wednesday.

And here I am, freshly showered and ready to roll. Though I think this interview is to sign up officially on their books? And they deal with office recruitment, which - pleh. But whatever pays, y'know? At least office hours are conducive to evening and weekend work.

Speaking of, I have all appropriate appendages crossed that I get the 8-hour weekend job at Ann Summers. *leer*

Umming and ahhing about the future, naturally. It's my default state. If Disney ask to hire me this winter, I'm not sure I'll go. I WANT to go, at some point, but if I've just managed to pull together 2-4 jobs in time for Xmas, the last thing I'll want to do is jump ship (pun entirely intended). So I'm thinking of speaking to their agency and asking them to remove me from the pool of applicants - at least temporarily.

Have instead been looking at the PGCE (Secondary), specifically in English with Drama at Durham. Durham's program is credibly worse than Newcastle's, but NCL is a long way away and I do not intend to have a car for very much longer. Though I'm still debating the merits of selling it.

*rolls eyes* My problems are so First World.
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Who has two thumbs and got into MA English Studies at Durham?

THIS GIRL. *points*

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I'm on tenterhooks waiting for Durham Uni to process my application for MA English Lit. They now have all the papers they need, so it's just a case of them up-thumbing or down-thumbing. I'm praying for an up-thumb!

Depending on whether I get into this MA, I think I'll still apply to UC Berkeley (Rhetoric Department, Film Studies specialisation). I'm also going to apply to Cambridge (because if you're going to shoot high, you might as well shoot REALLY high) and - possibly, if I like the course and the lecturers and whatnot - Durham. And also Hull, as my reserve choice.

Work (Estate Agents) is boring. REALLY boring. I'm scratching for things to do by the afternoon, but it's an open office so it's not like you can sit on Word typing fic up without attracting attention. This is of Teh Suck. If I can stand to, I'll stick it out until uni starts in September. If I can't ... well, the recession is receding slowly, right?

Work (Pub) is still a laugh and a half. The hours were a bit weird over Christmas, with a couple of early closes because of the snow (which is yay-making!). I'm working nearly 20 hours at the Pub this week though, on top of 40 at Estate Agents. Eep!

Next week I'm off to Cardiff for my gran's funeral. She passed away on Christmas Day, apparently with no pain. She was my favourite grandparent when I was growing up ... and I'm going to stop thinking about her at work before I start crying. I'm sure it'll be beautiful. That is, if I don't die trying to get there via Milton Keynes to collect my sister on horrific icy roads in a blizzard at night after a 60-hour work week.

Is it geeky that I'm plotting potential chapters for my PhD thesis?
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Here I am again, posting on a Saturday from a place of work. I've had 5 hours sleep and cold pizza for breakfast. The world is shiiiiiiiiiiny.

Having issues with locating 1200 word literary essay for Durham app. Don't know whether to edit an old one, try to write a new one, or sit and cry in a corner.



Sep. 17th, 2009 12:57 pm
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Durham wrote back and said, "Reapply". Which isn't overwhelmingly positive, but I'm pretty hopeful. Apparently the Head of the Taught MA looked at my MA TESOL application and didn't immediately run screaming for the hills. This is a good sign!

So now I need to go through the whole debacle of acquiring references, transcripts, etc, as well as writing an essay on why I should be allowed in, and submitting a 1200 essay on a literary topic. GAH!

Yesterday I picked up an extra shift at Pub. BAD IDEA. Started at 7pm and didn't finish until 2.20am. Got home for just before 3am. Woke up for Estate Agent job at 7am. Won't have seen housemate for 48 hours by the time I get home, which is sort of silly. Also, laundry machines hate me. Tumble dryer won't dry. Washing machine won't spin. Life is a black abyss.

Not working this Sunday. WOOT.

I have no brain.
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Have applied to Durham to switch from MA TESOL to MA English Literary Studies. Really really want an answer, like, NOW. *drums fingers*

Also, could sleep for a year. Am really starting to not-like the Estate Agent job, but! I only have to last until next September. W00T!

Dropped out of [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang because I am made of fail. However, Housemate should make the deadline. I killed her with homemade hot chocolate yesterday, but she has until 8am tomorrow morning. *cracks whip*

New house is awesome! And new! And awesome! It has food in it. I disagreed with the tumble dryer last night, but will attempt to reconcile this evening. Clean clothes vital; dry clean clothes also vital.

Random post is random.
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Today I took the meandering route home to avoid the A1, as there was an overturned lorry at Gateshead and I didn't want to sit in traffic for half an hour. I arrived at the house to find the soundtracks for HSM1 and HSM3 on the stoop.

Dude, I would have gleefully sat in traffic for hours if I had had those CDs with me today. Hahah. Oh God, my brain.

Berkeley is growing on me, but I think I need to pinpoint a professor to target my emails towards. That way I have a whole year to butter them up, and maybe even meet them next summer when I go back to camp.

OMFG I love this movie so much. I need a ZEfron icon.
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Am looking at US colleges for PhD. UC Berkeley looking good.

Kill me now.
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I'm thinking of deferring my place at Durham for a year. This is mostly because I am stupid amounts of indebted, and it would be sensible and wise to hold off for 12 months. It would give me a chance to work off what I owe, maybe even put some aside for tuition fees instead of taking out a loan, etc etc. Boring financial stuff is boring.

Also, I'd TOTALLY go back to summer camp next year. I've been missing it more and more, which is bizarre but not unexpected. I pine for Californian summer.

Should I defer my place at Durham?
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