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  1. July 2015
    • Finish manuscript.

  2. August 2015
    • Pitch for freelance opportunities. This is the litmus test.
    • Apply for mortgage.

  3. September 2015
    • Edit manuscript. Test on guinea pigs.
    • Happy birthday to me!

  4. October 2015
    • Find an agent.
    • Start second novel.
    • Continue to find new freelancing opportunities.

  5. November 2015
    • Buy a house.
    • If successful, start sole trader company.

  6. December 2015
    • Enjoy Christmas.
    • Finish second novel.

  7. January 2016
    • Edit novel. Test on guinea pigs.

  8. February 2016
    • Submit second novel to agent.

  9. March 2016
    • Continue to find new freelancing opportunities.
    • Start script writing.

  10. April 2016
    • Tax returns!

  11. May 2016
    • Hand in notice/ask for reduced hours.

  12. June 2016
    • Continue to find new freelancing opportunities.

  13. July 2016
    • Finish script.
    • Last day?

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Today's achievements:

A. Sleep for 9 hours.
B. Eat breakfast and lunch.
C. Order obscene amounts of pizza for tea.
D. Laundry.
E. Veg stew for tomorrow/Tuesday.
F. Begin writing my aforementioned utterly indulgent, utterly shameful self-insert fic. I can't stop blushing, but I'm having a great time!

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You have a big bang to write. You've only done 2% of the wordcount minimum, and who knows how long the fic will be in the end? Crack on.

You definitely shouldn't be writing a post-movie speculative fic where everyone is at war. Bloody, personal war. A fic which so far is all character introspection with no discernible plot or arc of any kind.


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