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Diet Waffle - not literally a waffle, though that would be an amazing invention. )

Some people shouldn't have animals. There's a family in Brandon who own a field and about 15 horses where I run. The horses are half-wild, never brushed, living off grass. Not abused, or even really neglected. But today I had to herd one back into the field, then block a hole with wire and bits of string. I mean, Jesus, if that pony had spooked and run into traffic ... It doesn't bear thinking about.

Watching The King's Speech again. Such a fantastic movie. It deserves every award for which it's eligible.
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Shamelessly pilferred from [livejournal.com profile] loneraven. tl;dr meme )
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Today was my last dawn wake-up call for the summer. Since early June, I've been up at 5.30am to feed the animals, water them, and muck out the copious amounts of poop. And today? They are leaving.


Though I will miss the quiet of pre-dawn, the scurry of rabbits and squirrels in the dead leaves, the pink-purple haze over the far mountains. I'll miss the species-confused donkey who honks when he sees the sun.

I'm going to catch a few more Z's in a minute, followed by 6 hours of manual labour. Then the boss is apparently taking us out for a goodbye lunch. Then, I'll catch a few more Z's this afternoon, because tonight I'm staying up all night to watch the Perseid shower. With clear skies and only a small amount of light pollution on the horizons, it should hopefully be a pretty fantastic show.

And that's all she wrote.
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Camp has allowed me to grow as a person, and experience new and varied things. For example, today I had my first X-ray and tetanus shot. This came about because my heroic rescue of a third drowning squirrel resulted in a pretty hectic bite on my pinky finger, followed by an unscheduled trip to Urgent Care.

One day to the next, you just never know what's going to befall you.

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Happiness is going for a 7 mile walk in the glorious sunshine, finding a lost lamb, picking it up and carrying it back to its pen/mother/herd. It was so fluffy and round! ♥


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