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Tomorrow I start going to the gym properly, following the 5x5 program. It's just another excuse to say that my schedule has been too busy over the summer, because it really hasn't, but I think the regularity of school - the rigid timetable, the fact that I can redirect myself to the gym early in the AM (thus avoiding muscleheads!) - will help me stick to the plan.

I'm not going to be all gung-ho aggressive about it. Like Howell, I sometimes have to deny to myself that I'm doing anything in order for anything to get done.
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I've been trawling the Web (as you do) looking at fitness sites and pinterest, and I've noticed that even the 'body positive' posts are incredibly negative.

Why do we couch these ideas in negative language? Weight loss, fat burn, butt buster, killer abs, butt-kicking workout, etc. Run away from your problems! Beat out worries!

I don't hate myself. I don't hate my body or my life . I'm really not unhappy. I want to improve myself not because I'm poor or weak but because I can be better. I want to run towards a goal, not away from issues.

Screw this fat shaming shit.
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Due to my excessive gluttony and sedentary lifestyle - coupled with a boyfriend whose favourite dish is stir-fry pasta - I have ballooned to my heaviest weight ever: 88.8kg/13 st 9.

Need to do something about that methinks.
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... in October! Who says I can't?

I've been trying to motivate myself into picking up running again, which has gone about as well as can be expected when one considers that I live in 3 houses over the course of an average week and I'm working the first half-term of my new teaching job.

But I digress.

From Monday, I'm finally going to get my butt into gear and start running. It's silly thinking of it as a chore, when the actual running side of it I really enjoy (even when it's cold - less so when there's rain). Besides, I would like to get fit so in the new year I can start CaniX training with one/some of sister's dogs. I think that'll be a great laugh.

Plus, I'll have more energy again. And maybe my pants won't be as tight, LOL.

Appropriate icon is appropriate. Happy splashy dog!

2am ramble

Feb. 13th, 2012 02:01 am
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1) What sucks about not getting the job at that school isn't the failure of getting the job (though that sucks). It's the uncertainty. What if they were trying to call me but I didn't have signal at the time? It's such a stupid sliver of hope, but it might explain the lack of email. Stupid optimism is stupid.

2) My half-term 'holiday':

- write essay
- submit essay
- plan other essay
- submit plan for other essay
- read two novels for school
- plan two schemes of work based on aforementioned novels for school
- try to figure out what the third scheme of work is supposed to entail
- work 31 hours at the Pub

3) In two years' time I will be camping out under the stars in the Australian bush drinking whisky and laughing at my past self.

4) I'm putting weight on again. Bah humbug.
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Doing a close at the pub with this manager is always good craic but my god is he slow! Still. He's lovely. Such a good listener when I'm ranting about Scottish douche. He'll throw him out and bar him next time he acts like a douche to me.

I am putting weight on again. Can see it in my face and feel it in my tighter trousers. Nothing I didn't expect but still a bit demoralizing. She says while eating pizza. Honestly, I sabotage myself in full knowledge.

Tomorrow I will go running. I will eat healthy. I will write 100 words of my big bang. I will look forward to the future and pull myself out of this ever-so-slight depressive funk.

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- I have officially lost 2 stone since January! Woo!

- today I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang! Must brainstorm.

- I am still plugging away at Absence Makes. It will not be abandoned!

- no one wrote me fic for the five acts kink meme. *sadface* Oh well. I'm having quite a lot of fun filling other prompts myself.

- might have to write a 5 ways gaila and jim meet.

- do you think Winona is still alive in the movieverse?

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