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1) I have another job interview! At a very nice school in Bedford. Going down next Tuesday, interview is Wednesday, and then I'll meander slowly back up in time for work Friday night. LOL.

2) There is a Boy on my course and I think I have a crush on him. Ohhhh dear.
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Lovely manager at pub has taken more than an hour to cash up. And he's still doing it wrong. I want to go to sleeeeeep.

Went to a fab fancy dress party last night. I was a mummy, in tea-dyed bedsheet bandages. Got a couple of numbers for my efforts too, so whoop!

Tomorrow is the first day back after half term. Am slightly kakking it, I confess. No lesson plans, no scheme of work, no organised PGCE folders, no QTS tests booked. I fail utterly at being a responsible adult.

Speaking of: Boy from a few months ago has been sending me long pleading emails. I realise this is my fault because I never broke it off with him, I just left him hanging with no explanation. I feel really bad about that. But a part of me is grateful that he's getting the message and I sort of dodged the bullet, because he would have been an incredibly close, devoted, clinging boyfriend.

Much preferring the fab life alone.

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Scottish geezer who sexually assaulted me a couple months ago has continued to be an utter douche. We usually ignore each other, which is fine.

Today I got called a bitch, amongst other things, for informing him that he was cut off as he was mortalled (as usual). First: not my decision. Second: I don't serve him and he knows this.

I am just so fucking angry. I hate him. I do. He could be run over by a bus tomorrow and I'd walk away.

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Dear NE England,

You may or may not have noticed the date. Let me remind you: July 20th. We are well and truly into summer.

Let me ask you this? How am I meant to conduct some kind of summer fling/whatever without the appropriate weather? I'm supposed to be on a beach date tonight. Looming clouds and a wind chill factor do not a romance make.

Please to be sending some sun.

No love (as my heart is frozen, and only you can thaw it),

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Okay! So I met eharmony guy yesterday. The plan was a cup of tea at a cafe, but the cafe was shut (because this is the north where everything ceases to function after 4pm). So we went to a local Wetherspoons. Familiar ground, at least.

We talked for 3 hours. It was actually really nice to have a conversation with someone that wasn't all shorthand in-jokes about work or fandom. And it was really nice to know that someone is genuinely interested in learning about me.

Guy himself was very sweet. A little bit funny, a little bit deadpan, and the cutest red/gold curly hair. And a big nose, lol. But lovely.

Now for the introspection... )

In conclusion: blah me, yay 2nd date on Saturday!

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Ugh. I have a weakness for the Irish accent, which I choose to blame on Gabriel Byrne and my first thrill of desire. Nevertheless, every Irishman I've ever met has been, to a greater or lesser extent, a douchebag. So, Irish accented men and I do not click.

There's an Irish lad here at the temp job. He's baby faced and gruff and very wry. Nice enough but sort of typical for what I've come to expect.

Then there's his officemate. Not Irish. From somewhere generically south of here, which encompasses almost the entirety of England. He's very cute and seems sweet and I have been flirting even though I know almost nothing about him but he gave me some maltesers. Am I fixating weirdly? IDEK.

Tomorrow I have a coffee-date-thing with a guy I met on eharmony. Hsiieutfgwhridjsb. Will it be awkward? Will I like him? I don't really remember any of the details from his profile, things that I might otherwise have learnt in the course of conversation but which could feel strange to bring up if I'm already suppose to know them.

Blah. I'm going to splurge a little of this temp-money (a phrase that encompasses many meanings, all of which I mean to imply) on a new dress that is flattering yet not sexual, casual without being as slobby as my normal attire.



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Today at work, whilst balancing precariously on a stool to string up bunting for the royal wedding tomorrow, I was sexually harassed by one of our regulars. It was playful, he didn't mean anything by it, but I told him in a firm voice not to touch me again.

He got thrown out because he started calling me a "stupid fucking mare".

Why do people suck so hard?
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I feel awesome )

January so far has rocked.

ETA: Entirely unrelated to the above, but -

Dear Hollywood,

Please to be making a movie with both Chris Pine and Jensen Ackles in it. I mean, Jesus H. Christ.

That is all.
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Yesterday my work!crush, Irish, commented on two separate occasions that he appreciates the work I do and understands how much crap I put up with. We made several jokes with each other over the course of the day. He made me two cups of tea.

I think my cheeks scorched themselves with their blushing.

(No, [livejournal.com profile] shei, I'm not going to sleep with him.)
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Be advised: Contains thinkyness about boys )

Yesterday, I passed a sign 50ft from work that said "Camelot protected". What do these omens portent? ^______^

Who here agrees that Bradley James is probably perfect?
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  • Sister's dog is okay. Remarkably okay, actually. Cuts and bruises, and a big dent in her confidence, but otherwise fine. Aside from the being hit by a car, she's a lucky girl.
  • First day at work! It went well, I think. Coworkers all seem friendly, and I was kept busy all day without being overwhelmed. I'm sure the actual technicalities of my job will get easier with a bit of time/patience/practice.
  • Boy I was meant to meet for drinks today canceled at last minute. Am not best pleased, obviously, but he seems repentant so I'm willing to give him one more shot.
  • Going for dinner with a surgeon tomorrow, which is exciting and intimidating in equal measures.
  • Got invited out for a drink with Cockney from work on Friday after I drove him home.
  • Good day.
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  • I have tea.
  • It started snowing earlier, which is nice and pretty, but awful to drive in, and yet no one died ... at my hand, at least.
  • I just ordered the second Merlin boxset because I will soon be able to afford it.
  • How?
  • Because I have a JOB starting on MONDAY working in ADMIN, so I am pretty much squeeing [internally] all the time now.
  • Also, I signed up for an online dating site and had two guys message me (and a 66y/o wink at me, but we can't have everything).
  • I have tea (bears repeating).


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