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There are many things I want to do, and seeing the path to doing them is nigh impossible. I want to live a location-independent existing, working from country to country for the rest of my life. I would support myself any way I could - online/freelance writing, WWOOFing, TESOL, anything. I would go where the wind swept me.

But I can't. I have debts here, responsibilities, things and people that need looking after. So I must stay.

I tried looking up different ways to make money online. There are lots of ideas out there ... none of them guaranteed. I can't risk that.

The Yearning is for a challenge. To travel the world would be an immense challenge, but it's not possible right now. Instead, I'm setting my sights on something else. My new challenge - to get a Masters (in American Studies) and then a PhD (in Education?).

And maybe, in that time, other challenges might arise. Who knows?

2am ramble

Feb. 13th, 2012 02:01 am
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1) What sucks about not getting the job at that school isn't the failure of getting the job (though that sucks). It's the uncertainty. What if they were trying to call me but I didn't have signal at the time? It's such a stupid sliver of hope, but it might explain the lack of email. Stupid optimism is stupid.

2) My half-term 'holiday':

- write essay
- submit essay
- plan other essay
- submit plan for other essay
- read two novels for school
- plan two schemes of work based on aforementioned novels for school
- try to figure out what the third scheme of work is supposed to entail
- work 31 hours at the Pub

3) In two years' time I will be camping out under the stars in the Australian bush drinking whisky and laughing at my past self.

4) I'm putting weight on again. Bah humbug.

A poll!

Aug. 23rd, 2011 10:32 am
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[Poll #1771916]

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Day 3 of the temp job. We are deep-cleaning a school before the kids come back. I can say that I categorically hate gum, graffiti and black shoes.

There's nothing wrong with cleaning. I do not think less of those that do clean for a living. I quickly got over feelings of inadequacy the first time I swept up puke as an au pair. And yet ...

I am forever petrified of being stuck here. It would be my #1 worst nightmare to be cornered by bad finances (of which I have plenty) into a life of 60-hour weeks scrubbing on my hands and knees.

This is temporary. If I did it in Turkey in exchange for diving lessons, it would be temporary.

In September I start teacher training. In December I start applying for jobs. September 2012 I begin my NQT year. After that, all this being patient and planning ahead and biding my time will pay off, as I'll be on the first plane to somewhere hot and sunny with eager kids.

I never got to do my gapyear. I'm in too much debt to consider it now. But my god I will get out there to see the world no matter how goddamn long it takes.


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When I think of RTW travel, I generally mean working travel. When I picture working travel, it's normally in Australia and New Zealand.

So, updated plan: working holidays down under for 2-4 years before I'm too old for the visa. I think then I'll feel like I've earned the right to globetrot until the money is gone. At which point I'll start working again, wherever I am.

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Feb. 24th, 2011 07:16 am
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In the 5 minutes before I have to catch a bus for the start of my trip to Elgin (yay place I've never been!), I thought I would report that I have been plotting.

Since I was 14 I have yearned to go on a round the world trip. Things have popped up to detain me, genuine things that couldn't be avoided. Now, 10 years later, I'm dirt broke and about to embark on a 1 year teaching course followed by 1 year of UK teaching. This does not a travel-bunny make. However! It will provide the financial opportunities to explore the world or, as I like to say, 'bugger off somewhere else'.

I have therefore narrowed down my ideal route from 'the rest of the world' to an actual itinerary with estimated duration times and everything! Of course this is only the first of many trips. The first RTW ticket will take me to:

Hawaii for 2 weeks
New Zealand for 10 weeks
Australia for 14 weeks
South East Asia for 12 weeks
China for 6 weeks
Mongolia for 3 weeks
Russia for 3 weeks
Denmark for 2 weeks

The best thing about world-travelling at this scale is that times and dates are very flexible.

Eee! So excited! Can't wait for 2013 to come now!
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And by that I mean looooooooooooooooong-term. It is 2011. I am 24 (25 this year, gah! Quarter of a century!). In addition to my new year resolutions, I will also plan ahead. Here are my new DECADE resolutions*; by 2021 I will have:

o) earned a Masters degree
oo) lived in one county (other than the UK) for a whole year
ooo) written a book (and finished it with a view to publishing)
oooo) visited Africa

That's everything I really want to do. Awesome! Everything else on my bucket list (there are a LOT of things) are dependant on a huge number of factors.

* Whilst convention dictates that a decade starts with the year ending in '0' - in this case 2010 - I spit in the face of convention. :P
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Shamelessly pilferred from [livejournal.com profile] loneraven. tl;dr meme )
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Original plan: take a coach on Aug 15 to Las Vegas, to spend 10 days sitting in an apartment on my own until my TrekAmerica tour starts.

New plan: take a plane to New Orleans on Aug 15 for a week of food, fun, and frolics, followed by another plane (via Houston) for 3 days of Las Vegas relaxation, before my TrekAmerica tour starts.

I love having friends like [livejournal.com profile] neutrallized in far-flung places like The Big Easy! ^_____________^
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I'm on tenterhooks waiting for Durham Uni to process my application for MA English Lit. They now have all the papers they need, so it's just a case of them up-thumbing or down-thumbing. I'm praying for an up-thumb!

Depending on whether I get into this MA, I think I'll still apply to UC Berkeley (Rhetoric Department, Film Studies specialisation). I'm also going to apply to Cambridge (because if you're going to shoot high, you might as well shoot REALLY high) and - possibly, if I like the course and the lecturers and whatnot - Durham. And also Hull, as my reserve choice.

Work (Estate Agents) is boring. REALLY boring. I'm scratching for things to do by the afternoon, but it's an open office so it's not like you can sit on Word typing fic up without attracting attention. This is of Teh Suck. If I can stand to, I'll stick it out until uni starts in September. If I can't ... well, the recession is receding slowly, right?

Work (Pub) is still a laugh and a half. The hours were a bit weird over Christmas, with a couple of early closes because of the snow (which is yay-making!). I'm working nearly 20 hours at the Pub this week though, on top of 40 at Estate Agents. Eep!

Next week I'm off to Cardiff for my gran's funeral. She passed away on Christmas Day, apparently with no pain. She was my favourite grandparent when I was growing up ... and I'm going to stop thinking about her at work before I start crying. I'm sure it'll be beautiful. That is, if I don't die trying to get there via Milton Keynes to collect my sister on horrific icy roads in a blizzard at night after a 60-hour work week.

Is it geeky that I'm plotting potential chapters for my PhD thesis?
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After a miserable [emo] start to the weekend, Sunday has turned out to be the most perfect day. Glorious sunshine, a pleasant sea breeze, and a Saxon/Viking battle.

I spent the time dressed in a ridiculously heavy wool Saxon dress, making Saxon finger braids and eating Saxon gloop, ferrying water in a pot to all the overheated warriors dressed in chainmail and helmets. I was social.

It was awesome.

Then I came back home and fell asleep for 3 hours, which is a Sunday tradition like no other.

I have decided that next Easter I will go to Northern Ireland for a week, either as a reward for getting into Berkeley or a commiseration for failing. Mmmmmmmm Irish boys.

Day One

Jan. 1st, 2009 09:11 pm
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I hope everyone made good use of the extra second added to 2008 last night by taking another shot of your tipple of choice. Personally, I'm looking forward to February 30th 2016.

With no alcohol or family members in sight, I spent the evening wrapped in a blanket on the settee watching Merlin with the dogs. Best New Years ever (no sarcasm whatsoever).

And now, a non-complaint. I am not complaining, because this is predictable and nothing short of amusing to me now. My father, bless his soul, spent New Year in Cardiff with his parents. Nothing wrong with that ... except he didn't tell my sister and I, nor even think to perhaps invite us along for the trip. I've not seen my grandparents since February 2008. Sister hasn't seen them since 2004 sometime. It would have been nice to have been considered, but c'est la vie. Supposedly he is back here now, but when I spoke on the phone to him to wish him well in 2009, he did not mention it, and in fact I thought I heard some disparing remarks about myself from someone on the line with him (quite possibly my stepmother). Which is a bit rude, really. As stated, however, this is not a complaint. I'm ... I don't know, recording for future reference. Starting the new year on a really miserable note, or whatever.

Okay. Something positive.

[livejournal.com profile] belenustenebrae - your Xmas present is finished! Will post shortly!

[livejournal.com profile] shei, [livejournal.com profile] inmemorybound, [livejournal.com profile] bustahead - your Xmas presents are ... um, in progress? If by 'in progress' you mean they have documents saved in their name and not a lot else, which I do.

Tomorrow mother is taking me to a couple of car traders to see if anything catches my eye. On Saturday we're going to view a 1994 Citroen AX which, if it runs right, will probably be the car that ferries me up to Durham and back again. Hahaha.

And Sister and I will be making the long, arduous, BORING trip to Cardiff for her to see the grandparents again.

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In which Ally resembles a meme sheep )

Change of plans: Not moving to York. Moving to Durham. Going to go to York when I take an MA in English (the 'frivolous' MA). Durham's MA TESOL is more appealing. Will, of course, apply to both just to be safe.

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I am moving to York. In England. This is for purposes of reading MA TESOL at university this September. Would like room/job/car before then. Thinking of getting out a graduate loan, too. Why is life so hard? This is all my mum's fault.
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I am innocent in all of this. Innocent!

See, I'm job-hunting, naturally. And, naturally, it's slim pickings here in the UK. But the websites I'm using to look also have international job listings. And I've been here in England for 2 weeks tomorrow, which is about my standard time frame before I'm jetting off somewhere new and exciting. So, naturally, I have been looking at international job opportunities including, but not limited to, being a Content Writer for CNN International in the UAE and a Trainee Technical Author for Reuters in France. Chances of making it past first stage to either are 694248 to 1 against, but there you go. And then, naturally, I re-stumbled upon the Working Holiday Visa to Australia and New Zealand, and yes, I am VERY VERY VERY tempted. So tempted that if nothing of interest happens by May, then I know where I'll be heading.

But it's not my fault! I blame my mother.
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Except in the subject line, obviously.

So I have been having thinkyness about life, mine in particular, and its existence within the British Isles. Am still fevered and icky, so bear with me.

I am currently In Debt. This, they tell me, is no longer how we do things in the UK. Now we're meant to Live Within Our Means. Well, being Unemployed and In Debt, my means are below zero. So I guess I'll be doing things the Old Fashioned Way until I get a Job.

The Problem is, of course, that the transition from Old Fashioned Way to Living Within Our Means has caused Mass Unemployment. Which leaves me in the Unfortunate Predicament whereby I need a Job (for Obtaining of Monies), a Vehicle (by which to Transport Self to Job), and a House (read: Cheap Spare Room in Someone Else's House), but not being Very Likely to get the first or the last.

This is a Long Way of saying that sometimes, one just Has To Do what one Has To Do, and if that requires Moving to East Asia for a year, thereby Postponing all Previous Plans, in order to change being Unemployed and In Debt to being Employed and Solvent, then So Be It.

ETA: Have applied for a job as a PA to the 'Drama Team' at the Beeb. Chances of me getting through first stage are 42876 to 1 against.
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I'm moving back to the UK this December in the hopes of being able to pick up a job or three and put aside some cash. Despite the financial crunch - and the fact that nearly 2 million Brits are out of work - I'm fairly hopeful that I can find some kind of office temp work or picking&packing, or something. If not?

Well, this is just a heads up to those who need to know - I'll be moving to South Korea.

(NaNo is going so not-well. Haven't written anything today. Hahaha, I need to get utterly slaughtered this weekend and write through the night.)
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Well, it's the end of my spectacular little holiday in England. Two weeks of lounging around the house, visiting family and friends, eating way too much junk food and loving every minute of it. I've managed to acquire a NaNoWriMo travel mug and ML stickers, 4 postgraduate prospectuses (from Cardiff, Durham, UCL, and York - and would that be prospecti?), and a new suitcase. I came here with 24kg of check-in luggage and I'm leaving with 9.6kg. My hand luggage weighs more.

It's also been decided that [livejournal.com profile] bustahead and I won't be going to Japan in August. This is for a number of reasons, but mostly money. The JET scheme don't pay the upfront fees on housing any more, which is a huge blow for anyone moving to Japan because it's so extortionate. Plus I am really really overdrawn on all my accounts. So I need a settled, full time job or two to get things together. It'll work out in the end. I mean, we all know I can't sit still for five minutes when there are cheap flights leaving daily to all over the world.

And finally, the end date for this job is December 12th. I will be back in the UK some time after that, depending on when the cheapest flight goes. Between then and now I am going to: Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lucerne, and MILAN(!), so I won't be bored! Or rich. LOL.

Adios amigos. Catch ya on the flipside ...

ETA: Landed safe and sound. It's absolutely miserable here, though. Fog and cloud like pea soup as we touched down in Basel, and the trip from the French coast onwards was bumpy and uncomfortable. Blaaarrrgh.

BUT I have internet here at the airport. God bless the French and their airport wifi!
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Am surfing the intarwebz on someone else's unsecured broadband on a bridge in Bern, where it was previously raining. Have had one cat come to see what I was up to.

One day I will bring my bike here and explore this city properly. I really love it. Wonder if it would be possible to live here one day for a while? Maybe go to a college on a summer language course or something?

Have decided to quit au pair job in December. Do not want to deal with girls when their mother is home with Baby, as they become completely different creatures when their parents are around, and Mami Boss does not want/need me to look after the kids when she is home. This was proved on Tuesday when she stayed home sick, Big Little Girl pitched a huge tantrum, and Mami Boss told me to take Little Little Girl outside whilst she dealt with it. Even though the day before she had said that I would be the 'boss', because Tuesday is a full shift regardless of who is home. I can understand why she did this, but as an au pair it kind of made me redundant. So - not facing that when Baby arrives.

I want to learn Spanish, French, and German. And possibly Korean.
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I'm insane. Absolutely, positively insane. Despite seeing the treatment of teachers at my high school, and scoffing at people who think a Humanities degree only leads to teaching, I am - in fact - thinking about applying for a PGCE. It would be cool if I could go for French/German, but I'm not advanced enough, so I'm looking at English/History or maybe English/Geography. And not at Primary level either. I'd like to teach at least Middle Years, if not Secondary.

And, oh yeah, I still might do a Masters in Social Work. Because I'm strange like that.

I think, more than anything, I just like learning.


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