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I'm writing a story that I think has got real traction. The MC is a princess with epilepsy whose sister is assassinated by Fae, who live in an adjoining realm and are the sole suppliers of Fae Dust - a substance greatly in demand in the human world. I think it technically is Contemporary Fantasy. I'm really excited about it!

I don't read enough at all, which is a huge shame and something I'd like to correct. Yesterday I took Ultraviolet by [livejournal.com profile] rj_anderson out of the school library, and I finished it in a day. A really great novel! I thought the descriptions were incredibly vivid - it made synesthesia easy to understand and 'visualise' (for lack of a better term) - and if you ignore the sequel, the ending is wonderfully ambiguous. Highly recommended!

I'm off school today with a fever and sore throat. Feel like craaaaaaaaaaaaaap.
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Must write 6000 words today. Am ridonkulously far behind. There is hope though! Penchant for telling, not showing, is serving me well in Nano.

Want Star Wars icons.

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Plan to write 50k+ for Star Wars fic in next 12 days.

Now would be a good time to employ a Yoda quote ...

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a. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
b. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

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Merlin (ep 112)

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NaNoWriMo Swiss style ended in, well, style this past weekend. We gathered at [livejournal.com profile] belenustenebrae's house for a sleepover that involved cake, alcohol, pizza, pasta, Twister, Singstar, Mario Party, Super Smash Bros, and Merlin drinking games. Best weekend of my life ever full stop amen. Gonna miss these guys so much - they made Switzerland a much more entertaining place than it would otherwise have been.

Going to Milan this weekend to stay with [livejournal.com profile] jackks, which shall prove to be entertaining, especially if angry uni porters yell at us in Italian. Hmm.

And then I fly home to jolly old England on Monday. Can't believe my time as an au pair is almost over. I'm going to miss this family a lot; they've been so good to me. Still, nothing beats a Christmas with your own mother and sister and menagerie.
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I'm moving back to the UK this December in the hopes of being able to pick up a job or three and put aside some cash. Despite the financial crunch - and the fact that nearly 2 million Brits are out of work - I'm fairly hopeful that I can find some kind of office temp work or picking&packing, or something. If not?

Well, this is just a heads up to those who need to know - I'll be moving to South Korea.

(NaNo is going so not-well. Haven't written anything today. Hahaha, I need to get utterly slaughtered this weekend and write through the night.)
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This kind of news story is exactly why I want to go into Social Work, even though I'm not sure I could handle working the abuse cases. When you think that a 17 month old baby is dead because of the inadequacies of the system and some truly fucked human beings, it makes everything else in my life seem a little bit pointless.

But in more cheerful news, I'm restarting NaNo. [livejournal.com profile] shei has given me fantastic ideas about nympho blind nuns, so that's what I'm going with. I can do it! I'm only 16,667 words behind. Heh.
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Living in Switzerland, it was actually quite eye-opening to have felt the tangible sense of relief that swept the nation Tuesday morning when people woke up for work, turned on their TVs and saw the news bulletins from America. This election was a great step forward to Americans, blah blah blah, but so much of international diplomacy teetered on the brink of red vs. blue. Only now, despite Russia's oh-so-helpful rhetoric, is it really becoming clear.

The palpable relief that Swiss folks felt that morning was generated not by a desire to see a 'liberal'-ish US President in power (the Swiss are scary-conservative about pretty much everything but democracy itself). It was about money, that substance that makes this country so very important to world trade. Without a healthy global economy, there is no healthy Swiss economy. It's obvious that politicians, journalists, and simple folk are expecting Obama to perform miracles when he takes office, and it's just as obvious to me that they will be disappointed. The BBC repeatedly called the US the 'powerhouse' of the world economy, which to a certain extent is true - but this isn't the 1930s when the western world functioned on a complex and dangerous series of loans and reparation agreements all powered by American banks. If Obama can't single-handedly mend the global market, what does it mean for everyone else?

It means that we have to get our asses into gear to help ourselves. There are a lot of growing markets out there - China, India, Brazil are the ones that get top billing - so the opportunities exist to help ourselves. I only hope that those in power realise it before Obama takes his first tumble.

In non political news, I am 5000 words behind my NaNo wordcount but now I have private INTERNET in the house that I live in (officially, having moved in today!). It's kind of funny that Mami Boss and Papi Boss are going to such lengths to get me in as fast as possible, and asking me how I want this and that other thing when I'll be gone in 5 weeks to the day. Better book my flights! *glee*

NaNo Day 1

Nov. 1st, 2008 12:37 pm
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I totally just embarrassed myself by shouting "Hello!" to a random girl who was checking out our sign at Starbucks in Geneva. Oh well! I'm an ML - it's my job to welcome people to our little collection of writers ... of which we have four including myself! Yay! Two Swiss girls and an American, so far, with a collective wordcount of about 1000 words. HAHAHA. And we're sat right by the front door so we get an awful cold draft, but there's electrical power here so that's good.

Have you noticed that the music and atmosphere in Starbucks lends itself ONLY to quirky romantic comedies. I guess that's why so many are set in coffee shops, because it's really difficult to picture someone like Jason Bourne there about to blow it up or something. Blargh.

Okay. Writing. I posted my second chapter on FFNet today, and the current writing project is Shelke's first appearance, so it's ... odd. Especially because it's SHELKE, whom I didn't really like in DOC. Oh well.


Oct. 11th, 2008 06:35 pm
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Hello from Lucerne/Luzern - the best city in Switzerland? Or at least a VERY close contender. Love it here.

Am thinking of applying for NaNo ML Switzerland. Am clearly crazy haw haw.

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Gah. I've been trying for two days to sign up for NaNo this year, and first the servers were overloaded, and now they're KAPUT. Bah.

But in anticipation of said NaNoing, I have been working on last year's (and, soon, this year's) novel. Yup, breaking the rules in so many ways, but all I want is 50k of SOMETHING in the month of November.

So the 30th was the anniversary of my 22nd year on this planet, and it went off pretty well. I worked 12 hours, skipped my German class, received sweet pastry things, CHF50 from Grannie AND ... MY FLIGHTS HOME. HOMG. Pretty freakin' awesome, eh?

Speaking of Canadians (get it?), did you know flyzoom.com went bust? Which sucks out loud, because how else am I meant to get out there on the cheap? Made of fail, people.

And as my wages for last month went in (with no deductions, hooray!) I have decided to go away for the weekend to Geneva. Am leaving Friday, and coming back either Sunday night or Monday morning. YAY FRENCH-SPEAKING PART OF SWITZERLAND.

You know you've lived in Europe too long when: you're forced to communicate in an awkward and broken mix of French, German, and English in order to be understood by anyone.


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