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Guess who received a tax rebate cheque in the mail?

Guess who is several hundred pounds better off than she was at the beginning of last month?

A special someone lent me some money earlier this year. I want that person to know that this money has gone into a savings account to accrue interest so I can pay that person back at the soonest opportunity.

But I did spend £2.81 on a copy of LOTR from Amazon.


Feb. 26th, 2012 02:58 pm
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I'm stuck in a really awkward financial situation. I work part-time at the pub which just about covers rent and bills and food. I'm at school and university working towards a qualification that will, from September, ease a lot of my problems. In the interim, I am making repayments on two graduate bank loans and I have maxed out my two overdrafts.

I do not earn enough to qualify for a new loan.

I do not have anyone who could apply for the loan on my behalf.

I'm going to keep getting more and more overdrawn, but there isn't any more flexibility in these accounts.

But I can't quit my course now.

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Shamelessly pilferred from [livejournal.com profile] loneraven. tl;dr meme )

Job news

Oct. 13th, 2010 11:01 am
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+ 'Informal' interview on Tuesday for a job paying £10.83 an hour!!

- Hours are 25 per week over 3 days, and likely to decrease to just 2 days.

+ Agency has said they can get me something else to plug the 3 day gap.

- If they're not quick about it, I will be very much stuck in a rut.

+ It's until March 2011.

+ Gives me a few spare days initially to try to get Secondary school experience to support my application for teacher training.

+ It's with the county council.

- It's with the county council.

+ It's in Crook.

On the whole, am very positive. It'll be nice to catch up on sleep, maybe go for a walk (woods and fields at the back of the house). So long as I've got the pub, and 1-2 other jobs, I'm sure I'll manage. :)

ETA: Discovered today I've been the victim of identity fraud. £506 gone to some twat in the south of London on Esso petrol and a McDonald's meal and two fucking rooms at Holiday Inn, Kensington. Fuckers.

Bank has terminated that card, is refunding me the money and issuing a new card for that account. It's just such an inconvenience. I'll have to try to reclaim the £20 stoppage charge they levied for a failed standing order. I've been struggling to see how to make ends meet all this time; I don't need some turd in south London making it harder.


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