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Original plan: take a coach on Aug 15 to Las Vegas, to spend 10 days sitting in an apartment on my own until my TrekAmerica tour starts.

New plan: take a plane to New Orleans on Aug 15 for a week of food, fun, and frolics, followed by another plane (via Houston) for 3 days of Las Vegas relaxation, before my TrekAmerica tour starts.

I love having friends like [livejournal.com profile] neutrallized in far-flung places like The Big Easy! ^_____________^
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2010 is going to be busy.

1. Going back to camp at the end of May.
2. Trying to wheedle 10 days in my uncle's swish Las Vegas apartment after that.
3. TrekAmerica tour for 10 days after that, including Cowboy Camp and Monument Valley.
4. Uni starts end of September, and Pub has said I can have my job again when I return.

So, yeah. Busy busy. Not cheap of course but at this point I'm beyond caring. WANT FREEDOM!!!


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My two week soiree has finally ended. Woe is me. More woe is me, for I'm not entirely sure 'soiree' is the word I need, but I am too lazy to look it up. Woe.

Family holiday to Somerset was good. Wet, and cramped, and also wet, and did I mention wet? But I enjoyed it. Second week off was awesome wrapped up in rain.

On Friday I confirmed that I will be starting my second job at Pub on Wednesday. Yay money! I did maths, and it turns out I'll be working a total of 60 hours a week from both jobs, which is fine because Estate Agent requires I sit, and Pub is 16 hours a week. Awesome.

This weekend I have caught up on Star Trek fic. I shit you not, that is all I have done. I still haven't finished, because this fandom is crazy prolific like woah even when I'm being really selective. Like, I will only read genfic and Kirk/McCoy unless it comes with three recommendations from people on my drastically reduced flist. I started off with 200 fics. I'm down to 20. My butt hurts from sitting so long.

On [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang I have written a grand total of 3000 words. I had intended to be at 7500 by the end of today, but such is life. Woe.

Apart from that, the only other news of note is that I will be moving house in mid-September. And there's a blissed-out moth chilling on my ceiling. C'est la vie.
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I'm hoooooooooooooooooooooooooome!! Flew in last night (drama with missing scheduled flight, but got transfer to last one to Stansted) and now I am HOME in MK with my FAMILY and the DOGS and it is awesome ... despite said dogs piddling all over everything. YAY HOME.

Supposedly I get to drive the non-power-steering car on the English side of the road all the way to the woods today. Eep! Let's hope I don't drift across the central divide ...


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