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Had another dream about babies. This time I had twin boys in Sweden or somewhere. I was trying to get a house back in the UK that was big enough for me, the babies (omg they were so tiny and precious), my sister, my mother, Jared Padalecki and his daughter, Jensen Ackles and his daughter, and a fat sweaty 'uncle' who was lecherous in the extreme. I had to leave my twins behind with my mother so the actors could get their kids into the country. When I finally got my boys they grew so fast they were toddling in days.

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I've been dreaming (a rare occurrence).

Last night: We were hosting some kind of meeting at Pub and when it came to the end, I used the classic teacher waiting-for-silence trick to get everyone to bring stuff back to the bar.

Night before: I was working on a farm and there was a field of pigs. The farmer was nowhere to be found, but there were gaps in the hedge that I had to fill because the pigs (even my favourites) were escaping. Even though I had a hacksaw for wood, there were no trees, so I tried to close the gaps with office supplies (pens and sticky tape, mostly). The pigs got out anyway.

You think I have teaching on the brain?

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Dec. 3rd, 2009 10:16 am
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Today I was woken from the most awesome amazing dream ever, in which I was Gaila and there was a Deltan girl and we were sharing a bed in Kirk's New York penthouse apartment with a guy we didn't like (now that I think about it, the whole set-up was a bit The Day After Tomorrow) and we decided that we should crawl into bed with Jim Kirk, who was snoring in that cute way guys do, and I sat on the bed and held his hand (which was warm and dry and a little callused) and he woke up enough to mumble something at me that, when I woke up 3 seconds later, I think translated to "Shouldn't you be in Engineering?"

GAH! That would have been an EPIC DREAM BEYOND MEASURE if Kirk hadn't been a responsible Captain and woken me up in time for work. GRAGH.


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