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I've been trawling the Web (as you do) looking at fitness sites and pinterest, and I've noticed that even the 'body positive' posts are incredibly negative.

Why do we couch these ideas in negative language? Weight loss, fat burn, butt buster, killer abs, butt-kicking workout, etc. Run away from your problems! Beat out worries!

I don't hate myself. I don't hate my body or my life . I'm really not unhappy. I want to improve myself not because I'm poor or weak but because I can be better. I want to run towards a goal, not away from issues.

Screw this fat shaming shit.
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Due to my excessive gluttony and sedentary lifestyle - coupled with a boyfriend whose favourite dish is stir-fry pasta - I have ballooned to my heaviest weight ever: 88.8kg/13 st 9.

Need to do something about that methinks.
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Doing a close at the pub with this manager is always good craic but my god is he slow! Still. He's lovely. Such a good listener when I'm ranting about Scottish douche. He'll throw him out and bar him next time he acts like a douche to me.

I am putting weight on again. Can see it in my face and feel it in my tighter trousers. Nothing I didn't expect but still a bit demoralizing. She says while eating pizza. Honestly, I sabotage myself in full knowledge.

Tomorrow I will go running. I will eat healthy. I will write 100 words of my big bang. I will look forward to the future and pull myself out of this ever-so-slight depressive funk.

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Because I need somewhere to be accountable.

Start weight: 13st 6lbs (c. 87kg)
Start date: January 2011
Current weight: 11st 7lbs (74.3kg)
Goal weight: 10st

There's been a bit of a backslide on the diet front for the last couple of weeks. Eating biscuits and pub food and drinking and stuff. Life would be pretty dull without the odd treat, but when the treats outnumber regular meals then you know you're in trouble. So this is me, reconfirming my commitment to becoming healthier.

I've also finished the couch-to-5k program! I can run for 30 minutes! This is so huge, because 6 months I could only run in bursts of 60 seconds. Am very proud I'd myself!

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- I have officially lost 2 stone since January! Woo!

- today I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang! Must brainstorm.

- I am still plugging away at Absence Makes. It will not be abandoned!

- no one wrote me fic for the five acts kink meme. *sadface* Oh well. I'm having quite a lot of fun filling other prompts myself.

- might have to write a 5 ways gaila and jim meet.

- do you think Winona is still alive in the movieverse?

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Running: is going super well! I'm really pleased with my progress. I do, however, need to invest in some shorts for this delightful hot weather we are having.

Diet: some days are better than others. My will power slips most notably at work, which is not unexpected. It's a fairly physical job, and also we serve food. Oh well. I am still doing really well. Just 1st 11lbs to my next goal!

Fic: am chuffed to bits that people are liking Absence Makes. Chapter 3 is slow going thus far. I think because Esca is not there, it's a lot more difficult to have Marcus in reaction to him. So I've shamefully been procrastinating today by rereading all my old HP fic. My god, it's bad. I mean, really bad (except the one where Severus is a slave; that one is pretty insightful). Still, by looking back I can see how much I've moved forward.

Stuff: for those who have been living under a rock, a certain prince of the realm is getting married on Friday. While I'm happy for the royal couple, I must state that having to stay at work until 2am Friday morning to decorate for the occasion is cruel to say the least.

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Ego boost!

Mar. 28th, 2011 01:42 am
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Three separate people told me today that I was looking thinner. Yay! Such an ego boost, and so well timed seeing as I ate chocolate fudge cake with ice cream and s bowl of chips today. In my defence it was a stressful shift, in that my colleague collapsed and the manager was slow. Still, there's falling off the wagon, and then there's taking a flying leap. Lol.

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One of my major goals for 2011 was to lose 1st. As of Monday 21 March, I have succeeded!

New goal: lose 2st more by my birthday (30/9).

Aaaaand go!

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I made Moroccan Lentil Tagine (well, a rough estimation of it anyway) and it was YUMMEH. Which is great because we made enough for 3 more meals in this batch, with ingredients chopped up for another 4 or so ready to boil. Yay foodstuffs!

That is all.
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Diet Waffle - not literally a waffle, though that would be an amazing invention. )

Some people shouldn't have animals. There's a family in Brandon who own a field and about 15 horses where I run. The horses are half-wild, never brushed, living off grass. Not abused, or even really neglected. But today I had to herd one back into the field, then block a hole with wire and bits of string. I mean, Jesus, if that pony had spooked and run into traffic ... It doesn't bear thinking about.

Watching The King's Speech again. Such a fantastic movie. It deserves every award for which it's eligible.


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