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Today was my last dawn wake-up call for the summer. Since early June, I've been up at 5.30am to feed the animals, water them, and muck out the copious amounts of poop. And today? They are leaving.


Though I will miss the quiet of pre-dawn, the scurry of rabbits and squirrels in the dead leaves, the pink-purple haze over the far mountains. I'll miss the species-confused donkey who honks when he sees the sun.

I'm going to catch a few more Z's in a minute, followed by 6 hours of manual labour. Then the boss is apparently taking us out for a goodbye lunch. Then, I'll catch a few more Z's this afternoon, because tonight I'm staying up all night to watch the Perseid shower. With clear skies and only a small amount of light pollution on the horizons, it should hopefully be a pretty fantastic show.

And that's all she wrote.
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Camp has allowed me to grow as a person, and experience new and varied things. For example, today I had my first X-ray and tetanus shot. This came about because my heroic rescue of a third drowning squirrel resulted in a pretty hectic bite on my pinky finger, followed by an unscheduled trip to Urgent Care.

One day to the next, you just never know what's going to befall you.

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Today has been an awesome day. I'm back in California at summer camp, looking after ponies and a petting zoo again. It's July 4th weekend. What did I do today? Well, I woke at 6.30 to feed the ponies and clear up all their poop. This pleased me greatly as Silver the pony had a touch of water colic yesterday that had me worried, but today he was right as rain.

I had avocados on toast for breakfast, then started to clear out the animals as they have a serious fly infestation that I'm fighting. Then I got invited to IHOP for second breakfast and had the most epic cream cheese stuffed French toast with strawberries and two large cups of lemon iced tea. I have been craving same for the last 3 years.

And then I bought a party size bag of peanut butter MnMs and am now the happiest person on earth.

It's kind of amazing how a little bit of hard work, some good food, and heaps of sunshine can just turn your life around.

Tomorrow we get to ride in a fire truck in some small town parade followed by a BBQ and swimming and fireworks at Roo's house. Awesome.

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2010 is going to be busy.

1. Going back to camp at the end of May.
2. Trying to wheedle 10 days in my uncle's swish Las Vegas apartment after that.
3. TrekAmerica tour for 10 days after that, including Cowboy Camp and Monument Valley.
4. Uni starts end of September, and Pub has said I can have my job again when I return.

So, yeah. Busy busy. Not cheap of course but at this point I'm beyond caring. WANT FREEDOM!!!


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I'm thinking of deferring my place at Durham for a year. This is mostly because I am stupid amounts of indebted, and it would be sensible and wise to hold off for 12 months. It would give me a chance to work off what I owe, maybe even put some aside for tuition fees instead of taking out a loan, etc etc. Boring financial stuff is boring.

Also, I'd TOTALLY go back to summer camp next year. I've been missing it more and more, which is bizarre but not unexpected. I pine for Californian summer.

Should I defer my place at Durham?


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