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I'm on tenterhooks waiting for Durham Uni to process my application for MA English Lit. They now have all the papers they need, so it's just a case of them up-thumbing or down-thumbing. I'm praying for an up-thumb!

Depending on whether I get into this MA, I think I'll still apply to UC Berkeley (Rhetoric Department, Film Studies specialisation). I'm also going to apply to Cambridge (because if you're going to shoot high, you might as well shoot REALLY high) and - possibly, if I like the course and the lecturers and whatnot - Durham. And also Hull, as my reserve choice.

Work (Estate Agents) is boring. REALLY boring. I'm scratching for things to do by the afternoon, but it's an open office so it's not like you can sit on Word typing fic up without attracting attention. This is of Teh Suck. If I can stand to, I'll stick it out until uni starts in September. If I can't ... well, the recession is receding slowly, right?

Work (Pub) is still a laugh and a half. The hours were a bit weird over Christmas, with a couple of early closes because of the snow (which is yay-making!). I'm working nearly 20 hours at the Pub this week though, on top of 40 at Estate Agents. Eep!

Next week I'm off to Cardiff for my gran's funeral. She passed away on Christmas Day, apparently with no pain. She was my favourite grandparent when I was growing up ... and I'm going to stop thinking about her at work before I start crying. I'm sure it'll be beautiful. That is, if I don't die trying to get there via Milton Keynes to collect my sister on horrific icy roads in a blizzard at night after a 60-hour work week.

Is it geeky that I'm plotting potential chapters for my PhD thesis?
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Today I moved two steps closer to studying at Berkeley.

1) I secured a stellar reference from a lecturer at Keele (who likes canals and Disney (preferably together) and is made of awesome).

2) I booked, at a cost of $180 *cries*, the GRE in London. Never mind the fact that I chose the wrong day and need to change it; the point is that it's BOOKED, and that means I have 2 months to prepare for, essentially, a maths exam. Eugh maths.

The worst part is waiting for the application date to rollover in September so I can officially apply. That, and knowing that I have to declare what two languages I want to study in the course of my PhD. Christ. *headdesk*
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Today I took the meandering route home to avoid the A1, as there was an overturned lorry at Gateshead and I didn't want to sit in traffic for half an hour. I arrived at the house to find the soundtracks for HSM1 and HSM3 on the stoop.

Dude, I would have gleefully sat in traffic for hours if I had had those CDs with me today. Hahah. Oh God, my brain.

Berkeley is growing on me, but I think I need to pinpoint a professor to target my emails towards. That way I have a whole year to butter them up, and maybe even meet them next summer when I go back to camp.

OMFG I love this movie so much. I need a ZEfron icon.
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Am looking at US colleges for PhD. UC Berkeley looking good.

Kill me now.


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