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I spend a large amount of time on Pinterest when I only have the school computer for entertainment (no games *sadface*). Yesterday I was looking at the 'Kids' subsection; lots of nurseries, lots of games, lots of pithy sayings ... and lots of pictures of families.

I would like a family. Actually, looking around, I think I would like a large family. Like, 4-5 kids kind of large. Thing is though, I'm 27 (not ancient, but still). I probably won't get to have any kids until I'm 30+, if I'm lucky. And to squeeze 4-5 into a decade is doable (hell, that's how it was done before the 50s) but ...

I dunno. I'm talking gibberish. Blame the cough meds.


Jun. 29th, 2013 04:37 pm
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Sadness is worrying you're not teaching the kids anything new.

Happiness is getting a phone call from your boyfriend the makes you feel warm and loved.
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Due to my excessive gluttony and sedentary lifestyle - coupled with a boyfriend whose favourite dish is stir-fry pasta - I have ballooned to my heaviest weight ever: 88.8kg/13 st 9.

Need to do something about that methinks.
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I survived my first Parents' Evening with only a minor brush with Demon Mother. All other parents were lovely, and I offended absolutely no one!

In fact, two parents who came to see another form tutor spoke to me about their kids in English, and were very VERY complimentary (in full hearing of my NQT mentor, so yay!).

This weekend I have a date with a pile of Year 8 essay drafts. Woo.

My life this year maintains this pattern: school - sleep - school - sleep.

I wish AmeriBoy wasn't so far away.


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