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Today I was observed by an Ofsted inspector, who judged the 20 minutes of my lesson he saw as 'Requires Improvement'. In my feedback, he assured me that there were "lots of strengths" - my marking, the task, the differentiation - but that I stood in the wrong place so children went off task, and also their 'neat' books didn't show progression after marking.

I didn't think I'd be this thoroughly demoralised by getting a poor score. I think the worst thing is that it's not a dialogue. Someone has come in, seen 20 minutes of a lesson, and decided that's the grade. No dialogue. No conversation about my marking, or the children. Just: this is what you are.

Normally I am in school for 7am and I don't leave until about 5pm. I run 2 clubs and help run a 3rd. In the run up to the inspectors coming in, I stayed at school to work solidly for 14 hours on Monday and Tuesday. I was in again at 6am this morning. I care passionately about these children and their progress. And I wasn't able to express that. Just: this is what you are.

I'll be fine. I will be fine. I'm not an outstanding teacher, and even if I was I would still need to improve, but I think a fairer assessment would have been 'Good'. I am a GOOD teacher.

Fuck Ofsted and fuck Gove too.
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